• Three Ways to Start a Conversation
    When was the last time you asked your subscriber base to share their thoughts? Three months ago? Six months ago? 12 months ago? Never? (Say it isn't so.) In our status-update-obsessed culture, people want to have their opinions heard and valued. By being a good listener, you plant the seeds of loyalty. As you take a look at your plans for 2010, you might want to add in one (or all three) of the strategies below to help get the conversation started.
  • Simple Email, Simple Results
    Are we shooting high enough when building, planning and executing our eCRM programs? Do we get enough recognition for the contributions of our email program? Are we doing enough to drive excitement for our contributions?
  • The Year of SMS, Sort Of -- And Other 2010 Predictions
    As we all gear up for the new year, I figured I would join the long list of bloggers making predictions for 2010. As a courtesy, I am going to keep my positions simple and VERY straightforward, as this will make it easy for each of you to call me out at year's end for any and all completely incorrect calls that I made
  • Developing A Scalable Messaging Strategy
    It's time to start implementing the plans you developed before you went on vacation. As an email marketer, I'll go out on a limb and assume the word "relevant" appears somewhere in your plan for this year.
  • Retail Email Volume Hits All-Time High During 2009
    Every January I spend a lot of time reviewing and reflecting upon the prior year. In the weeks ahead, I'll be inducting the 2009 classes into my popular Subject Line, Design and Oopsy Halls of Fame. But before I get to those qualitative exercises, I always dig into the cold, hard stats from the previous year.
  • Motivation for 2010
    Welcome to 2010! It's the beginning of the year, and I don't feel complete without laying out some lofty predictions.
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