• Reviving The Dead
    Guess what? If your company sent out a commercial email today, there is a good chance that some of those emails went to dead people. Not just "inactives" or "unengaged subscribers" or whatever term-du-jour we want to use, but real, bona fide stiffs. People who, God willing, are looking down from heaven and wondering, "What else do I need to do to stop getting emails from those people?"
  • 'Best Practices' Are Dead
    After several conversations recently about "best practices," I'm convinced that the term is now meaningless. It's been bastardized in the same way that the definition of "spam" has shifted to the point that it has very different meanings to different groups of people.
  • Outlook: A Jolly Christmas For Email Marketing
    The holiday season officially kicked off this week, and experts are expecting healthy retail sales gains this year. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), 2010 holiday sales should rise 2.3% to $447.1 billion, which is good news for retailers after the last two disappointing years. Consumer shopping patterns are changing, and email marketers can play an important role in helping their company benefit from this shift. Here are a number of trends that will impact online marketers.
  • How Social Media is Inspiring -- Or Forcing -- Changes in Email Marketing
    No, I don't believe that social media will kill email anytime soon. But I do believe that it is changing email marketing: both the content of the messages themselves and email's role and value within the marketing mix. Essentially, social media is forcing email to get real, to make the message more of a one-to-one conversation and to make the benefits that email drives more real and visible to corporate decision-makers.
  • Email Remarketing Options For SMBs
    Email remarketing is one of the ways e-commerce sites can help recapture lost sales. The basic flow is, visitors go to an eCommerce site, they add an item to their shopping cart and start checking out, but never finish. Once customers leave or abandon the shopping cart, an email is sent to them reminding them they still have items in their shopping cart and it may or may not include a discount to prompt the user to make a purchase.
  • Catching The Millennial Wave
    Who are the masters of adaption, creation, collaboration and personalization? Well, according to Iconoculture, Millennials are! This group is finding opportunity in uncertainty and power in the connected collective. This is the "we" generation, after all! And isn't email, at its heart, about staying connected? I think with buying power in the region of $889.3 billion, the Millenials are offering us a huge opportunity. Now it is up to us to figure out how to reach them.
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