• Go Mobile, Or Go Home
    With consumer adoption of smartphones continuing to grow at an unprecedented speed, by now most email marketers will agree that optimizing campaigns for mobile devices is a key priority. But what is the best way to do this? Here are pros and cons of the emerging approaches to mobile email optimization: prefab content, responsive design, and live content.
  • What Email Practices Have You Rethought Recently?
    In this and past political seasons, one often-discussed topic is whether it's OK for a candidate to change his stance on an issue. If candidates change their opinion because their views and assumptions have truly changed and evolved over the years, then I would argue changing one's views is a positive sign. It can show a willingness to change and evolve as they learn more - through facts, real-world use cases and personal experiences. On the other hand, changing your stance simply to get more votes -- or because that's the way the wind is blowing -- is cowardly or …
  • Running An RFP
    I don't know that anyone cares for the process surrounding a request for proposal (RFP) or request for information (RFI). It is an expense in labor and brain power that, in my experience, rarely meets the original goal marketers set out to accomplish. There are in my opinion, four major reasons why a marketer would extend an RFP, with mistakes related to each:
  • Swimming The Social Channel For Better Email
    Social channels provide marketers a wonderful virtual duck blind where they can actually see the reactions to their campaigns and use not just feedback, but direct interactions with their target market, to optimize their approach. Social channels will help you gauge what is relevant and effective and will allow subscribers and non-subscribing consumers to inspire you to create even more effective content.
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