• What, Me Worry? The Rise Of The Data Unconcerneds
    Consumers are increasingly willing to share data for benefits, a UK DMA/Acxiom study shows. They will even provide it for email service.
  • How Did Hackers Get To Newtek Domains?
    Small business web domains and email went down over the weekend when hackers penetrated Newtek Technology Solutions, Krebs on Security states.
  • Down The Track And Down To Earth With GDPR
    There is confusion about GDPR and the ePrivacy Regulation. But there are practical steps marketers can take.
  • Browse Abandonment Emails: The Do's And Don'ts
    Browse abandonment emails pull a higher average open rate than traditional emails, Klaviyo found in a study. But the subject lines have to be short and to the point.
  • Double Trouble: GDPR Is Arriving With A Sister Regulation
    Everyone is yelling about GDPR. But what about the ePrivacy Regulation that takes effect the same day?
  • Dishing On Data: Marketers List Their Priorities And Concerns
    Most marketers are happy with the data they're getting -- and that includes email marketers. But they face challenges, Ascend2 found in a study.
  • Getting There Is Half The Fun: Email As A Destination
    Movable Ink's Dee Anna McPherson says email should deliver an individual experience -- both with copy and images.
  • Email Valentines: How Restaurants Snag Couples
    Emails sent a week or two in advance are 39% more effective than those sent Valentine's Day week, according to a study by Fishbowl, a provider of data and analytics solutions to restaurants.
  • Governments Lack The Knack: Citizens Want Better Online Engagement
    Who doesn't get online marketing and email? Governments, citizens say.
  • Clamping Down On Email Panels: A GDPR Advisory
    The GDPR is looming. And things that companies have done for years will no longer be acceptable.
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