• Party Time's Over: News Sites Cut Back On Third-Party Cookie Use Under GDPR
    Of all the EU countries studied, only Poland has seen increases in third-party domains and cookies, Reuters reports.
  • Is This A Joke? Cyber Crooks Spoof Email Security Firm
    Attackers have spoofed the return path and received headers of Barracuda, GreatHorn alleges.
  • Living Dangerously: Few Firms Have A Plan For Cyber Attacks
    The IBM study shows that even companies that have a plan fail to test it, and that almost half are not fully complying with GDPR.
  • The Content Writer's Shtick: How To Engage Email Readers
    Take a hint from the late Bill Jayme: Reward prospects for their reading or viewing time.
  • Social Climbing: SMBs Now Choose That Channel Over Email
    Half of all small businesses say social is their leading marketing expense, a DesignRush study reports.
  • Money And Martech: Almost Two-Thirds Are Increasing Their Budgets
    Only 27% of those surveyed say data breach threats have affected the way they work, according to Walker Sands Communications.
  • Email Triage: Why People Delay Replying To Messages
    A new study shows that time and trouble are the major factors in deciding whether to respond right away to an email.
  • Date Night Angels: UrbanSitter Uses Emails To Link Moms And Sitters
    The firm has been working with Mailchimp since its founding in 2011, using its API to personalize messages.
  • Worrywarts: Consumers Don't Trust Brands With Their Data
    Dentsu finds that only 41% feel their personal information is safe. And many have tried to reduce their online footprint.
  • Lazy Local Partners: They Don't Understand Brand Marketing, Study Shows
    Email is rated as one of the two most effective tactics -- yet few local partners see it as a top priority, and few are engaged in marketing in general, BrandMuscle reports.
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