• Black Friday Postscript: Emails Hyping The Day Went Out Later Than Usual
    The emails sent earlier in the month tended to focus on general holiday offerings and deals, SmarterHQ reports.
  • Holiday Humbug: What Leads To Returns, And How Email Can Help
    Over a third of consumers expect to see return policies in confirmation emails, Narvar reports.
  • In Brands We Trust: Why Consumers Open Mails
    The benchmark study shows open and click rates are down from last year. Roughly 800 consumers in the U.S. and 800 in the UK were surveyed, conducting in-depth interviews with 40 consumers in each country.
  • Blind Date: Professors Say You Should Learn From First Transactions
    A study highlighted this week in the "Harvard Business Review" asserts that long-term buying behavior can be determined from the initial purchase.
  • End-Of-Year Checkup: No Big Growth In Email Effectiveness
    Only 15% of email marketers saw a significant revenue increase in 2019, Demand Metric reports.
  • Our ABM: How A Company Took Its Own B2B Marketing Advice
    Clients were doing it, so Sigstr determined that it had to take up account-based marketing (ABM).
  • Why Not Comply? Most Firms Lag In GDPR Data Access, Study Shows
    Email marketers, take note: you have to show data you have on a consumer within one month of receiving a request.
  • Election Assault: Most Counties Are Vulnerable To Email Phishing Attacks
    County election officials are wide open to email impersonation attacks. Of the counties studied, only 10 nationwide are fully protected, Valimail reports.
  • Digital Report Card: How Brands Are Doing As 2020 Looms
    Email is rated as effective by less than half of marketers surveyed, but digital strategies work well overall, Ascend2 reports.
  • Drop-Dead Deals: Most Consumers Will Open Emails With Holiday Discounts, Study Finds
    Shoppers are drawn to discounts, but emails must be focused. Consumers are more likely to respond to emails with single product promotions, SubjectLine.com reports.
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