• Keeping Shoppers In The Know: Demand Is High For Delivery And Return Alerts
    Companies that can deliver proactive communication about delivery and returns are more likely to draw repeat business, Narvar reports.
  • The Lump Of Coal This Christmas: Consumer Fraud
    ACI projects a 27% Increase in ecommerce buying. But the value of fraudulent transactions has also been going up.
  • My Mobile: Consumers Accept Data Use For Personalized Ads, Emails On Phones
    Personalized emails produce a lower data acceptance lift on mobile than mood and life events, but still rank highly, per a study.
  • Email Tsunami: Inboxes Will Be Crammed During The Election And Holidays
    Email deliverability will be hurt, but there are ways to ensure messages hit the inbox and not the spam folder, Essence of Email reports.
  • Doing Without Surveys: Brands Cut Back As Marketing Budgets Are Reduced
    Almost all retailers report survey declines. But most researchers expect to return to normal within months, Dooblo reports.
  • The Science Of Presidential Emails
    Fund-raising emails sent by Biden and Trump largely reflect their personalities, 97th Floor reports.
  • Where's The Christmas In Emails? Retailers Forgot Holidays And Personalization Last Month
    Only four retailers included holiday messaging, and most sent generic blasts, SmarterHQ reports.
  • Shopping With Feeling: Consumers Demand Empathy From Brands During Buildup To Holidays
    Two-thirds of consumers plan to do all their holiday shopping online, but 83% want an emotional connection with firms before they buy, Iterable says.
  • B2B Mixology: Email Is Most Used Channel As Marketing Spend Goes Up
    Email is second as a source of leads, behind referrals, but it is far from the top budget item, Sagefrog reports.
  • Email Tech Stacks Up: Brands Evaluate Tools Prior To Holiday Shopping Peak
    Email and SEO solutions are the tools being most evaluated for purchase, ClickZ reports.
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