• Can Brands Be Human? Study Suggests They Better Be
    Where does your firm stand on the global Brand Humanity Index? The U.S. ranks behind the UK and Canada, according to a Forrester report.
  • Email Interruptus: People Check Them Everywhere, But Don't Always Open Those From Brands
    Email addiction has people looking at their messages in bed -- and even in church.
  • Email Aesthetics: Consumers Want Emails That Fit Their Mobile Screens, Study Shows
    Many consumers are troubled by poor email readability, and many are indifferent to design, 250ok and Lab42 report.
  • CMO Money Moves: Email And The Martech Budget
    Email is considered a workhorse. But a study shows that top management isn't impressed by 'vanity' metrics such as clicks.
  • Last-Minute Shopping: Tips For The Holiday Emails About To Go Out
    SendGrid's Len Shneyder offers ideas for making your holiday email campaign a successful one.
  • Email List Stocking Stuffer: Larger Files Pull Better Black Friday Conversions
    Email lists with 5,000 addresses generate lower conversion rates than those with 50,000 or more.
  • Trump The Spam King: President's Name Tops Email Subject Lines
    Donald Trump dominated the election. And he also led in spam subject lines -- by a wide margin.
  • Falling Afoul Of Email Law: Election Day Report From UK Outlines Data Mischief
    Can democracy be threatened by routine campaign emails? UK regulators may have a different view of it from those in the U.S.
  • Breach Fatigue: Consumers Don't Give Up On Brands Because Of Data Leaks
    Shoppers will stick with a store that has had a major data leak. They seem to be more turned off by bad customer service, a UJET survey finds.
  • Twilio CEO Blasts Hate Speech And Points To Company Policy: Report
    The new SendGrid owner has a firm policy on hate speech. CEO Jeff Lawson blasts other tech firms for their alleged lapses.
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