• B2B Data Gulch: Brands Lack Solid Acquisition Strategies
    Brands' challenges include old data and a lack of time to develop a strong process, DemandGen reports.
  • Second-Quarter Drift: Email Opens And Clicks Fell Slightly, Epsilon Reports
    Email volume rose by 4.3% over that of Q2, perhaps causing the drop in metrics, an Epsilon study finds.
  • So You Want To Start A Business: Get Ready For A Long Haul, Mailchimp Says
    Most SMBs avoid spending money on email systems at first, Mailchimp reports. But they need to build their lists as soon as they can.
  • See You In September: Top Retailers Had An Active Email Month
    Neiman Marcus sent the most email messages in September, but didn't personalize them, SmarterHQ reports.
  • Who's Winning The Impeachment Email Battle?
    Trump is getting a higher read rate, but the Democrats are scoring better on activity, eDataSource reports.
  • BIMI Boom: CNN is Issued The First Validation Certificate
    The certificate validates that a brand logo is trademarked when featured in BIMI emails.
  • Privacy Sinkholes: Deloitte Finds Gaps In Retail Performance
    Less than a fourth of retailers have integrated a data privacy plan into their corporate strategy, Deloitte reports.
  • Data Blockers: Integration Issues Slow Personalization
    The new Econsultancy census finds that brands are stymied by the inability to pull their data together.
  • Poison Emails: Who Should Censor Fake News?
    ESPS are not in the business of doing due diligence on email content, even when it slanders a former President.
  • Positive Thinking About GDPR
    Firms are more accepting of GDPR than we would have thought, but problems continue to pop up.
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