• Is Your B2B Email List Healthy? The COVID-19 Pandemic May Be Making It Sick
    Email lists erode even during normal times. Here are some problems -- and possible solutions -- from ZeroBounce.
  • The Best Of The Best? Forrester Ranks Email Vendors
    Thirteen email service providers are rated by several factors, including overall current offering and strategy.
  • The Long Arm Of The Law: New Privacy Rules Have The Most Impact On Email
    Most marketers are confident in their ability to comply with new regulations, Merkle reports.
  • Stocking The Larder: The Basics Are Still Dominating Ecommerce, Study Shows
    The supermarket sector saw the highest growth in conversions in April, followed by the Home category, Namogoo reports.
  • Adding Heft To Your Email List: Tricks And Tools For Luring Subscribers
    Don't give everyone the same opt-in form -- personalize it by audience and types of content, WinSavvy.com founder Adhip Ray suggests.
  • B2B Straight Talk: Buyers Want Clear Email Messages During Pandemic, Study Shows
    Over half are buying -- but B2B buyers have also cut costs, and are in no mood for lengthy treatises, LeadMD reports.
  • Consenting Adults? EU Data Board Says You Can't Use Cookie Walls To Drive Consent
    You can't infer consent from the act of scrolling -- and email permission must be explicit, the European Data Protection Board says -- adding that people must be offered "control" and a genuine choice in accepting or declining the terms offered or declining them without detriment.
  • Silo Disconnect: Mobile And Email Operate On Separate Tracks, Study Finds
    Data is not being exchanged between silos and people are reminded to download apps they've already downloaded, according to a study by Iterable.
  • Downturn Marketing: Reaching Workers And The Unemployed At Home
    NetWise offers an ID graph that it says can help brands identify everyone from professionals to stimulus check recipients. But how?
  • Chasing The Comeback: What Email Marketers Should Do As Business Reopens
    Email veteran Ryan Phelan discusses the challenge of marketing to different locales, from those opening up to those still locked down.
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