• Snakes In Your Database
    While the movie "Snakes on a Plane" garnered most of the Internet buzz and fun this past summer, marketers are coming to realize that snakes in your database are no laughing matter either. If you think you have done everything possible to keep these critters from putting a stranglehold on your email marketing campaigns, think again.
  • Supermarket Specials
    I've been spending time examining supermarket e-mail newsletters as part of my research for the latest white paper I'm working on. It has been interesting to see how the e-mail marketing channel has been embraced by supermarket chains over the past year, and the impact those e-mails have had on driving traffic to the store's Web properties.
  • Ask The E-mail Diva: Generating Interest
    Dear E-mail Diva: How can our company offer an e-mail opt-in when all we are trying to do is build an interest in a twice-a-year fashion trade show? We don't sell a product, just an interest. Any ideas on how we can direct this towards possible future exhibitors as well as prospective attendees?
  • Top Ten Tips For The Holiday Season
    Tips are often fun to read, yet hard to implement. Just remember a few key points about these ideas.
  • To Append Or Not To Append
    Email standards are a big topic, especially the the "gray area" surrounding email appends. Should they be set as standards for appends moving forward?
  • Welcome Letters
    We spent a good portion of last week's OMMA session examining the best Welcome Letters we received. While we go into detail in the white paper, here are some important takeaways.
  • Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Being An E-mail Insider Summit Star
    Dear E-mail Diva, How can I demonstrate my thought leadership in the field of e-mail marketing and make a name for myself and my company? Signed, Brilliant But Unnoticed
  • Simplify Your E-mail Marketing Programs
    For today, I'm here to help simplify your life. (Well, at least your e-mail program.) And most importantly, by doing this, I'm here to help you achieve something much more significant: making your customers' lives simpler.
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