• Leaders And Laggards: Who's Doing Well With Account-Based Marketing
    High performers are much more likely than low performers to solve problems and drive revenue with ABM, MRP and Demand Metric report.
  • Black Friday Blowout: Consumers Are Getting Ready To Return To Stores
    But consumers are more motivated by deals than anything else, BlackFriday.com reports.
  • What A Way To B2B: Business Marketers Excel At Automation
    B2B brands are at least slightly better at implementing marketing automation, Ascend2 and Act-On report.
  • Good Apple, Bad Apple: What The Looming Privacy Changes Mean To Email Senders
    Litmus CMO Melissa Sargeant discusses the end of the open rate as a metric, at least on Apple Mail, and how marketers should be preparing for it.
  • Gen Z Zig-Zags: It's The Only Cohort That Doesn't Prefer Email As A Channel
    The youngest group likes social media-- but they rank email as a close second, Data Axle reports.
  • Tech Ramp-Up: Most Brands Swapped Their Systems In The Last Year
    Email distribution solutions were widely replaced, second only to marketing automation platforms, Martech reports.
  • Automation Angst: Brands Face Hurdles In Using Tools To Their Full Potential
    Despite challenges, most firms still say they are successfully deploying marketing automation, Ascend2 reports.
  • Swamped By Pop-Ups: Consumers Accept Cookies To Get Access To Sites
    In essence, people are being strong-armed into accepting cookies. The UK Commissioner plans to ask fellow G7 authorities to address the issue.
  • The B2B Binge: Brands Are Spending More On Marketing This Year
    Targeting is biggest factor in driving decisions, Apple's mobile opt-in policy not so much, MeritB2B reports.
  • Metrics Mania: Email Conversions And Opens Soared In First-Half 2021
    Welcome messages did best. But this may be the last time you will see open rates tracked, Omnisend reports.
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