• NEW! NRMA Insurance's Crashed Car Showroom Demonstrates Car Safety Technology
    NRMA Insurance opened a Crashed Car Showroom in Sydney, Australia on March 18 in an effort to educate Australians about car safety technology after a survey found they knew little about it. For example, only 30% of respondents knew what ABS (anti-lock braking system) stood for. The Crashed Car Showroom runs until March 27 and allows visitors to view a dissected car, see the destruction caused from a head-on car accident, and see what it’s like to be a crash-test dummy. And by shooting car parts with a hail gun, users demonstrate …
  • NEW! 'Afternoon Delight' Takes On Different Meaning In Ad For Taco Bell
    Starland Vocal Band's "Afternoon Delight" takes on a different meaning in a TV spot for Taco Bell.
  • NEW! Skittles Campaign Stars A Pet Cloud Named Freddie That Dispenses Candy When Touched
    Skittles has launched a series of ads that star a lovable pet cloud named Freddie, who releases Skittles when touched.
  • Compete Against Dali In Staring Contest With App For Florida's Dali Museum
    Random iPhone App of the week: I've always been bad at the staring contest game. I have absolutely no chance of defeating this app in a battle not to blink. Then again, neither does anyone else. Goodby Silverstein & Partners created "The Dali Staring Contest" app for its client, The Dali Museum in Florida. The object is simple: go face-to-face with Dali and try not to blink. Since each player is competing with a picture of Dali, or another opponent, like a giraffe, using iPhone's front-facing camera, there's no chance of winning. 
  • Toronto Silent Film Festival Honors Chaplin With Instagram Time Machine
    The Toronto Silent Film Festival, running from April 3-8, and Cossette have teamed up again with a campaign that meshes something old (silent films) with present-day technology (Instagram). Last year, the agency created Instagram silent film trailers. This year, to celebrate Charlie Chaplin's Centenary, the Instagram time machine was created: a series of linked images on the festival's Instagram account (@TSFF2014) that turned the typical Thumbnail Mode into a flowing, interactive timeline of Chaplin’s life in movies, using video clips and fun biographical facts. For example, Feb. 2 marked the 100-year …
  • 7UP and DJ Tiesto Light Up Village In Chile
    7UP launched "Light it Up," an ad featuring DJ Tiesto that's part of the #7 x 7UP campaign that features 7 electronic dance music artists.
  • Say It With Flowers From TheBouqs.com
    Deutsch LA has created a TV ad for a startup flower delivery service called TheBouqs.com as part of the agency's Side Project Project, where it backs employee projects with agency resources.
  • NEW! #BeautifulDeath Counts Down To 'Game Of Thrones' Premiere By Highlighting One Death From Each Episode To Date
    Polite zombies. Play the staring contest with Dali. Don't blink. Let's launch!
  • NEW! Even Canadian Zombies Are Nice
    To promote the Canadian Film Fest, running March 20-22 in Toronto, JWT Canada created a three-minute video that profiles an A-list Canadian actor who chooses to work in Canada because of the quality of the country's films.
  • NEW! Sony Launches 90-Second Video Promoting Release Of 'Second Son'
    Sony PlayStation launched a 90-second TV spot promoting the March 21 release of "Second Son", the third game in its popular inFAMOUS series. The video depicts a locked-down city of Seattle where the superhuman protagonist, Delsin Rowe, fights back against the oppressive Department of Unified Protection.
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