• NEW! Sword Play Meets Foreplay In Wilkinson Sword Video
    Today is April 1. Today is April 1. Today is April 1. Let's launch?!
  • NEW! Cox Business WiFi Forces Doctor To Wait For Patient
    Cox Business launched an amusing TV spot that turns the tables on long waits at the "Doctor's Office." A patient takes advantage of her doctor's free WiFi and works while she waits. When the doctor is ready to see her, she tells the receptionist she'll be in shortly because she's getting a lot of work completed. The spot ends with the doctor asking if his patient is ready and his receptionist replies: "Not yet, but you're next." A scenario I would love to see play out in real life. Watch it …
  • NEW! Air Wick's Scent Decorator Lets Users Match Mood With Scent
    Match your room scent with your mood by visiting Air Wick's Scent Decorator website. Users scroll through a series of photos, ranging from pictures of family and flowers to nature settings and food. Once three pictures are selected, Air Wick determines your mood and lists the ideal Air Wick scents to match said mood. After choosing three pictures, my mood was deemed invigorating. I was shown a scent to invigorate me, along with some home decor tips and DIY projects to make a room look and feel invigorating. There are so …
  • NEW! Benjamin Moore Throws Food On Wall To Prove Paint's Durability
    A video for Benjamin Moore takes playing with your food to another level, and those involved were paid to make this fantastic mess. What fun.
  • NEW! Miller Lite Anthem Wants You To Be You
    Miller Lite launched a 60-second brand spot called "Wonderful World" that encourages Miller Lite drinkers to be themselves. Whether you are bowling, celebrating after a baseball game or relaxing on the couch, any time is Miller time, as long as you are being yourself. There's a voiceover that tries to get all poetic and philosophical -- but I zoned out. "As long as you are you, it's Miller time," closes the ad, seen here and created by TBWA\Chiat\Day LA.
  • Expedia Urges Travelers To Visit New Places... Alone
    Expedia launched an ad campaign encouraging travelers to step out of their comfort zone and travel to a destination they have never been before. Scrap the excuses of not having enough money or not wanting to travel alone, and Expedia will save you 20% off a trip if you book your hotel and flight together. The ad shows a young woman who opted not only to travel alone, but went all the way to Tokyo. Part of the ad was filmed inside Tokyo's famous Robot Restaurant. See it here. A 15-second …
  • NEW! Canadian Film Fest Campaign Pays Tribute To Overused Movie Cliches
    Samuel de Champlain looks just like you. A gun store opens in New York City. Let's launch!
  • NEW! How Far Would You Go To Show A Client Some Love?
    You have to love this Happy 2015 video for Geometry Global Paris. The big bosses interview agency employees about their relationship with clients and the fact that France is renowned for the French kiss. Upper management combines the two, asking employees how they would feel about French-kissing a client. The reactions are hysterical. Some employees are completely down for it, others want to outsource their contribution or give an employee something on paper. Others think the question is a joke and one woman wonders what she would tell her boyfriend about the …
  • NEW! Peak Performance Opens Digital Pop-Up Shops In Remote Locations During The Magic Hour
    This campaign gives me more motivation to wake up early and go for a run. Too bad my local beach won't be one of the remote locations with a digital pop-up store. Peak Performance launched a creative campaign revolving around the Magic Hour -- just before sunrise and again before sunset -- targeting cyclists, golfers, ramblers, runners, trekkers and walkers. The virtual pop-up shops will offer Peak’s Spring Summer collection free to anyone who can find them, and the brand is not making it easy. Locations include mountaintops, a golf course and …
  • NEW! Canadians Can Add Their Face To Samuel de Champlain's To Promote TV Series
    To promote the release of TFO's "Reve de Champlain," a six-part miniseries about the explorer that celebrates 400 years of a Francophone presence in Ontario, the French-language public broadcaster created "Champlain: Portrait of a Nation," a microsite where Canadians can add their faces to create a composite image of Champlain.
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