• BN3TH 'Begins' Global Brand Campaign
    Featuring an original score by Oskura, the underwear brand spot celebrates outdoor sports, ending with the tag: "It Begins With What's BN3TH."
  • American Family Insurance Salutes 'The Captain' In New Sponsorship Campaign
    American Family Insurance has launched a new campaign as part of its sponsorship of the seven-part documentary series about pro baseball great Derek Jeter called “The Captain,” now airing on ESPN.  Since 2016, Jeter has served as a brand ambassador to the insurer, a role that highlights his commitment to empowering communities and supporting individuals’ pursuit of life goals.  The new campaign consists of a series of commemorative spots that depict Jeter traveling back in time to thank many of the important people in his life who helped him achieve his baseball dreams.   The campaign is called “Grati2ude” and, as …
  • Empower Rebrands My Fave Five App
    Nonprofit organization MY FAVE FIVE has relaunched its mental wellness app with a new look, tone and feel. Empower did the branding work and PR pro bono. The purpose of the app is to help individuals identify, connect, and build relationships with people already in their life who they feel comfortable talking to about day-to-day challenges, or in a time of need.  Users can build a trusted network of up to five people who agree to be accessible for them morning, noon, or night. The app is available on Google Play and the App Store. According to the 
  • Ritz Crackers Says We Can All 'Agree' On Delicious Taste
    In the UK, Ritz is associated with Christmas. The campaign turns it into an everyday buy.
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