• NEW! Los Cabos Is #Unstoppable
    Mexico Tourism's latest TV spot informs North American travelers that Los Cabos is back open after getting hit by Hurricane Odile on Sept. 14. "Los Cabos #Unstoppable" shows how big a difference 45 days made, with Cabo San Lucas and San Jose de Cabo back open and ready for business.
  • NEW! Gatorade Turns 50
    Los Cabos rebuilds following devastating hurricane. Ears get exercise in Sony Canada ad. Let's launch!
  • NEW! Ears Get Actual Workout In Sony Canada Ad
    Sony Canada puts your ears to work in preparation for listening to high-res audio. The latest ad in the "Get Your Ears Ready" campaign stars a man wearing a cowboy hat and sitting at a table. Nothing exciting, until the camera pans close to the man's ears. They are moving up and down as if they're doing crunches -- because they are.
  • NEW! Nissan Altima Helps Bird Migrate South For The Winter
    An unexpected road trip takes place for one couple with a passion for birdwatching. In an ad for Nissan Altima, we find a bird who has strayed from his flock. This leaves a husband and wife to catch the bird and track down its migrating pals. Working on just a single tank of gas, following some help from strangers, the couple park their car and the flock appears.
  • NEW! Norwegian Airlines Takes Norwegians On Virtual New York Taxi Ride
    Live from New York it's Norwegian Airlines? Norwegian launched a real-time, out-of-home campaign to encourage Norwegians to step out of their comfort zone and take a trip... perhaps to another time zone. The brand outfitted a New York City taxi cab with a 360 degree camera that interacted with a digital screen at a mall in Oslo. Mall pedestrians could control the cab's camera and see the sights of New York, as the "Norwegian Red Cab" drove through Chelsea, Park Avenue and past memorable sights like Carnegie Hall. The campaign's goal is …
  • NEW! Geico Tweaks 'Hump Day' Ad, Uses Real Camels
    Here's to drinking on the job. "The Grammy Effect" takes hold of music fans. Let's launch!
  • NEW! 'The Grammy Effect' Takes Hold Of Music Lovers
    The Grammys launched a pre-award show campaign illustrating how memorable performances can invade popular culture. They named it "The Grammy Effect." The first spot shows different lovers of karaoke singing Lorde's "Royals." Each "singer" is mimicking Lorde's movements from her award show performance.
  • NEW! Problem Solver Beer Brings Out Creative Side At Work
    Drinking on the job is encouraged with an agency project from CP+B Copenhagen. Inspired by a recent scientific research study that shows the average man produces the most creative thinking at an alcohol level of 0.075%, the agency brewed a beer to help enhance creativity. Dubbed the Problem Solver, the beverage is a handcrafted Indian Pale Ale with a bottle indicator to help drinkers find their creative peak. Those over 21 are encourages to drink the amount that fits your weight to make sure you hit the magical number. But don't overdo, …
  • NEW! Kids' Drawings Become Real Toys In TBWA\Toylab
    Buying the perfect Christmas toy for a kid can be quite the challenge. TBWA/Toronto set out to make the process easier for their clients by having their clients' kids draw their dream toys. Then, with the magic of talented creatives and a 3D printer, the drawings became real toys. Dubbed the TBWA\Toylab, even the toy packaging was unique and original to each kid. Whatever crazy name the kids gave their drawings also stayed with the brought-to-life toy. Think slimy monster, robot army guy, and "the distroyer." See the video here.
  • NEW! Let's Play Hide The Keyfob
    Ford agency Blue Hive has created a racy new online film, which launched on Ford of Europe's YouTube channel this week.
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