• Handwrite Holiday Cards Using Felt iPad App
    Random iPad App of the week: There's an iPad app that allows users to send handwritten holiday cards to friends and family. Felt is a free app where users can select a holiday card, upload pictures from their iPhone or iPad and handwrite each card and envelope using their finger or a stylus. Addresses are automatically saved into each user's Felt address book. Once the cards are complete, Felt prints, stamps and sends them. Felt Storyframes come in accordion-style formats with perforated edges between the photos, so you can stand them up …
  • News Station Removes Red From News Segment To Draw Attention To Low Blood Donations
    Here's an interesting case study from Geometry Global's Romania office that helped raise awareness for the need for blood donations in the European country with the most critical need for blood donors. The agency teamed up with Observator, a prime-time news program on Antena 1, one of Romania's television channels. To illustrate "life without red," the week-long campaign removed the red component from television screen's RGC colors for a three-minute news segment on the topic. The campaign included a Facebook element where users were encouraged to remove the color red from their …
  • Only Fun Peanuts Make It To Jars Of Skippy Peanut Butter
    Skippy peanut butter launched its first ad campaign in more than five years with a TV spot that illustrates how peanuts are selected for jars of the beloved brand.
  • NEW! No Dialogue Necessary In Holiday Ad For Bojangles
    There's an app that handwrites Christmas cards. Book a virtual holiday in a gingerbreadbnb. Let's launch!
  • NEW! Forget Airbnb. Book Your Virtual Holiday Stay At Gingerbreadbnb
    Agencies have to up the ante each year when it comes to creating a holiday card that stands out from the crowd. McKinney crafted a charitable website that riffs off the popular Airbnb home rental service. No one can technically stay at Gingerbreadbnb, but each rental property sounds delicious. Visitors can rent a modern gingerbread home, rustic cabin or cozy camper for prices ranging from $5to $20 a night. Proceeds go to Robin Hood, a New York-based poverty-fighting organization. Every $100 raised provides a homeless family with shelter for …
  • NEW! Man Actually Eaten Alive In 1-800-CONTACTS Ad
    For all those disappointed last week when a man wasn't eaten alive by an anaconda as noted in Discovery Channel's "Eaten Alive," check out this 1-800-CONTACTS ad that DOES simulate a man eaten alive by an anaconda. The agency behind the ad, Pereira & O'Dell, noted that the spot was originally supposed to debut in January, but launched during "Eaten Alive," because how often does a coincidence like this take place? An animal control man looks inside a snake's mouth and complains that he's out of options. The camera pans to see …
  • NEW! School Lockdowns Are New Reality In Ad For Everytown For Gun Safety
    "Lockdown" depicts a new normal in school safety in an ad for Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. The ad begins with a typical day in school for one classroom, until an emergency message is broadcast school-wide, informing teachers that the school is in lockdown. The video was released together with a report documenting the almost 100 school shootings that have occurred since Newtown.
  • NEW! Girls... And Guys, Have Fun In Las Vegas
    Las Vegas launched a pair of "What happens here, stays here" ads called "Transformation," shot from a man and woman's perspectives as they encounter one other in their different Vegas personas. Because that is what you do in Vegas. Be yourself and 10 other people. The fun begins poolside with a girl checking out a cute guy. In the following frames, the woman's looks change significantly; you would hardly recognize her. The spot ends with her at an Imagine Dragons concert, sitting down next to a cute guy... the one from the …
  • Nordstrom Sells 'Shoes That Move You'
    I love shoes, but not to this extent. Nordstrom has launched a pair of TV spots showcasing its wealth of different shoe styles that are more than just functional; they evoke emotions -- most likely, expensive emotions.
  • With SmartyPants Vitamins, It's No Longer A Chore To Take Vitamins
    I expected this to be an ad for something sporty and athletic, not vitamins. SmartyPants Vitamins, an all-in-one gummy vitamin for kids and adults, has launched a unique TV campaign that illustrates that taking vitamins doesn't have to be a chore.
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