• NEW! Koodo Spreads Cheer With Flash Mob Singing The Cure's 'Friday I'm In Love'
    Canadian mobile company Koodo spread some happiness during the crazy holiday season with 98 members of Toronto's Choir!Choir!Choir! performing The Cure's "Friday I'm in Love" at the Christmas Market in Toronto's Distillery District. Robert Smith, the lead singer of The Cure, is donating the licensing fees to the charity of the choir's choice: sponsoring Syrian families in need who are coming to Canada. "Random Act of Happy" builds upon Koodo's "Choose Happy" brand platform, launched by Camp Jefferson in early 2015. Watch the lovely rendition here.
  • NEW! Norwegian Airlines Brings The Good, The Bad, And The Naked Cowboy Of NYC To Oslo
    Spoiler alert: The Naked Cowboy comes back. Norwegian Airlines promoted its low-cost flights to New York by bringing a taste of the city to commuters in Oslo. The entire Nationaltheatret metro station was transformed into a Times Square subway station, complete with signage, subway musicians, preachers, a hot dog vendor, loud commuters, a football team, gospel choir, Spiderman and The Naked Cowboy. Watch the subway's transformation here, created by M&C Saatchi Stockholm.
  • NEW! Zoosk Places Giant Mistletoe In New York
    Those in the mood for love and in New York until Jan. 3, had the chance to check out a giant mistletoe erected by online dating app Zoosk. Located at 53rd and 6th, the interactive billboard had a hanging mistletoe three feet in diameter, so there's no way to miss it. Those inclined to smooch under the mistletoe are encouraged to share their "Mistletoe Moments" on social media using the hashtag #FirstComesLike. So many things could go wrong here. A tourist stopping for a smooch on a busy city street will not fare well. If slow …
  • NEW! Systeme U Creates Gender-Neutral Holiday Catalog
    Systeme U, a food retailer in France, launched a Christmas toy catalog in which toys were gender-neutral. Supporting the catalog is a video that shows how kids are taught at a young age the difference between toys for boys and toys for girls. Kids are interviewed one-on-one and describe how pink toys are for girls and superhero figures are for boys. Things change, however, when 14 kids are brought to a playroom and not told what to play with. There are boys cooking in the kitchen and changing baby diapers, and girls playing with cars and …
  • NEW! Give The Gift Of California Lottery Scratchers To Musicians?
    Not to be the bah-humbug voice in this holiday ad for the California Lottery, but I'd rather have the cash. The 60-second holiday spot shows a man gifting street musicians with "Golden Greeting" scratchers from the California Lottery. Each musician performs "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year," and by the time the gifter arrives home, he's given away his stash of tickets. See it here, created by David&Goliath. I'd still rather take the cash.
  • NEW! Prepare To Get Emotional Watching Ad For Spain's Christmas Lottery
    Did I just get emotional over an animated video promoting Spain's annual Christmas lottery? Yes, I did. To promote the national Spanish tradition that started in 1812, Leo Burnett Madrid created a 3:30 animated video starring Justino, an adorable security guard who works the graveyard shift at a mannequin factory. Justino is lonely on the job, so to pass the time he interacts with the mannequins and even creates elaborate displays to brighten the days of factory employees. When it's time to chip in for the annual lottery, all employees, except for Justino, participate. He missed …
  • Spare The Act, Says Jeff Goldblum In Christmas Campaign For Currys
    Currys PC World launched a Christmas campaign in Ireland and the U.K. starring Jeff Goldblum as the acting coach for those receiving crummy gifts. Getting a loved one something from Currys will prevent this scenario, a fact that's noted at the end of each spot.  In the first video, Goldblum does such a good job of acting excited about the jigsaw puzzle a wife has just received from her husband, the hubby gets overzealous with his role-playing and gives Goldblum a passionate lip lock. See it here. Goldblum emerges from underneath a couple's bed in …
  • NEW! Netflix And List? A Comical Look At Binge-Watching
    Forget Abby Wambach. Homer Simpson advertises on YouTube. Let's launch!
  • NEW! Homer Simpson Advertises His Small Business On YouTube
    YouTube uses Homer Simpson to promote how its video ads can help small businesses reach higher levels. The ad features clips from the "Mr. Plow" episode of "The Simpsons," which first ran in 1992. In the original episode, Homer starts a snowplow business and uses traditional means of advertising to spread the word. When that doesn't work, his daughter Lisa suggests he buys airtime on late-night local television. Lisa creates a YouTube ad for Homer, turning his nonexistent start-up into a town-wide success. Soon, everyone knows Mr. Plow and his catchy jingle. See it here, …
  • NEW! Meet JoLLY, The First Wearable That Tracks Happiness
    Forget about tracking steps, heart rate and miles walked. How about a device to track happiness? Shocking, I know! McKinney launched JoLLY, currently in beta, which tracks the frequency of a user's smile via a long white beard lined with adhesive sensors that send real-time smile data to an app, then encourages more laughing and smirking. JoLLY uses four adhesive sensors that the wearer attaches to their cheeks and jaw, a battery pack and a Wi-Fi-enabled Arduino board. I'm confident that I go out at night with less accessories. When a user is slacking on the …
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