• NEW! Acura's Super Bowl Ad Is Red, White And Completely Forgettable
    And so begins Super Bowl craziness. Ready for a daily dose of Out to Launch?
  • NEW! In Apartments.com Super Bowl Ad, There's A New George And Weezy 'Movin' On Up'
    Good luck getting the theme song to "The Jeffersons" out of your head once you watch the Super Bowl teaser for Apartments.com. There's a new, and odd, George and Weezy in "#MovinOnUp:" George Washington and Lil' Wayne (aka Weezy). This is the brand's first trip to the Super Bowl, and the full-length ad will explain to viewers how a wood grill and a golden grill relate to moving on up. Brad Bellflower, the company spokesman played by Jeff Goldblum, will also appear in the ad. See the teaser here, created by RPA.
  • NEW! Christopher Walken Awaits In 'Walken Closet,' Kia's Super Bowl Ad
    Are you a monochromatic dresser? If so, Kia's teaser for its Super Bowl ad might stress you out. Running in the third quarter and promoting the 2016 Kia Optima, "Walken Closet" stars Christopher Walken as a disruptor for a man whose attire is all beige. When the man can't find a beige pair of socks, he enters his walk-in closet to find Walken holding the socks hostage. All we know so far is that Walken's there to add some pizzazz, so my money's on bold colors and polka dots. See the teaser here, created by …
  • Need A Place To Crash For The Super Bowl? Oscar Mayer Offers The Wienie-Bago
    Looking to score a last-minute hotel in San Francisco to take part in Super Bowl 50 festivities? Good luck with that. Recognizing a need for a place to crash, Oscar Mayer is letting people stay in the Wienermobile for the first time. The company added a Winnebago to the mix and is calling this hotel on wheels the Wienie-Bago. One lucky group will get to stay in the Wienie-Bago, with Wienermobile as their personal chauffeur, if the price is right. To enter for a chance to stay in the Wienie-Bago, visit www.wieniebago.com until Jan. 31. …
  • PSA Aims To Break Stigma Of Depression
    McCann HumanCare launched a powerful TV spot for the Depression Research Foundation to break the stigma surrounding those suffering from depression. Many people view depression as something a person can just improve by following a pep talk or tough love from family and friends. It's not that easy. It's a serious, life-threatening illness and should be treated like one. In the 60-second ad, a bald woman, undoubtedly going through chemo, is being told by family and friends to snap out of her sad state. "You'd never talk like this to someone with cancer. Don't talk like …
  • LootCrate.com Launches First TV Ad Campaign
    This sounds like BirchBox for gamers. LootCrate.com launched its first TV campaign, staring actor Sam Witwer of the SyFy series "Being Human." The monthly subscription service delivers gaming and pop culture gear to a subscriber base of 400,000 "Looters." In the spot, "Meet The Looter," viewers follow the main Looter as he explains how swag is collected and sent to subscribers for $20 a month. Looter walks through secret passages and through live-action game scenes, casually grabbing content from each scene to add to the LootCrate. The spot ends with the Looter personally delivering subscription boxes …
  • Coors Light Launches Super Refresh-Men App
    Random iPhone App of the week:Coors Light released a mobile version of the Super Refresh-Men game it originally launched last year on XBOX 360. The retro-styled game challenges players of legal drinking age to save the Rockies and deliver Coors Light. Players can choose one of four Super Refresh-Men characters as they play through five levels, competing against bad guys and bosses, collecting Coors Light along the way. This game makes me want to dust off my old NES system... if I could find it. The app is available for free in the App Store. …
  • NEW! Marmot To Launch First Super Bowl Ad
    The skinny on upcoming Super Bowl ads. General Mills takes artificial ingredients out of cereals. Let's launch!
  • NEW! Keegan-Michael Key And Jordan Peele To Star In Squarespace's Super Bowl Ad
    Squarespace, a website- and blog-building platform, is returning to the Super Bowl for the third time. Last year's ad starred Jeff Bridges lulling a couple to sleep. Teaser ads described how he made a custom site to promote his Sleeping Tapes album. This year's ad, created by Anomaly, is a 30-second ad starring Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele of Comedy Central's hit show "Key and Peele."
  • NEW! Joy Mangano Products Hit Retail Stores
    Inventor and entrepreneur Joy Mangano launched a TV spot to promote Joy brand products hitting retail shelves like Bed Bath & Beyond, The Container Store, Macy's and Target. Typically available only on HSN, products like the Miracle Mop, Huggable Hangers, My Little Steamer, Better Beauty Case, MemoryCloud Pillow and Forever Fragrant launched in retail outlets on Jan. 9. A 60-second spot "Joyful Expressions," is a light-hearted look at Mangano's products and how they make tedious tasks a bit more bearable. Add dancers wearing colorful shirts and you can't help but smile at an ad promoting a …
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