• NEW! Finally! An Iron For My Underwear
    Fruit of the Loom's latest product launched under its #StartHappy campaign is the ingenious "Undie Iron."
  • NEW! Shakira's Tummy Smiles When She Eats Activia Yogurt
    Not only do Shakira's "hips don't lie," but her stomach smiles from the inside out.
  • NEW! Your Poop Wants To Tell You Something
    The Dutch Digestive Foundation (MLD Stichting) launched an online video that's full of crap
  • NEW! Comcast Promises Positive Changes With 'Whole New Day' Campaign
    Comcast launched "Whole New Day," a TV campaign to reflect the positive changes the company has made. The debut ad, "Reasons," stars comedian Jim Gaffigan spending the day shadowing a Comcast tech.
  • Panasonic UK Launches Campaign Beating Up On DSLR Cameras
    Panasonic UK launched a digital campaign that's helpful for consumers looking to purchase a quality camera but unsure what to buy. The company hopes to sway consumers to purchase mirrorless cameras, like its Lumix G, (a DSLM) over louder and clunkier DSLR models, with a series of videos and a custom website. Each video begins with a Google search meant to show the disadvantages of DSLRs.  In "Why are DSLR lenses so big," a bodybuilder uses a camera with large lenses, matching his physique. He's approached by a regular Joe with …
  • Celebs Pay Their 'Dues' In Audi's March Madness Ad
    During March Madness, Audi launched "Dues," a 60-second spot promoting its 2015 Audi A3 sedan.
  • Meet The Frobinson Framily In Latest Sprint Campaign
    Taco Bell gives new meaning to 'afternoon delight.' A pet cloud dispenses Skittles. Let's launch!
  • App Helps British Columbia Residents Have Farm-To-Table Experience
    Random iPhone App of the week: The British Columbia Dairy Association and British Columbia Agriculture Council gave their brand a makeover with a helpful app that connects residents with local stores, farmer's markets and restaurants that offer a true farm-to-table experience.
  • NEW! Mini Abe Lincoln Wants To 'Whoa' Visitors To Illinois
    The latest TV spot for the Illinois Office of Tourism features the state's unofficial spokesman -- a miniature Abraham Lincoln -- being rendered speechless when visiting various sights and attractions throughout Illinois.
  • NEW! Latest Dr Pepper TEN Ad Features Return Of 'Mountain Man'
    Dr Pepper TEN brought back its popular "Mountain Man" character in its latest ad, "Bold Country."
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