• NEW! DDB Canada Reinvents Opera Using Street Artists
    To draw a younger crowd to its production of Stickboy, the Vancouver Opera created an awareness campaign that profiles the work of four Vancouver artists: Nick Gregson, Carson Ting, Ben Tour and Ola Volo. Stickboy explores the inner life of a young boy transformed by bullying. The artists were tasked to create murals that interpret their own inner bullies as monstrous graffiti shadows, placed at various sections of the city. Each mural is tagged, "There's a monster in all of us," and encourages people to visit www.stickboyopera.ca to learn more about …
  • NEW! 'Be Relentless' Is The Rallying Cry For 2014-2015 Los Angeles Clippers
    With the launch of a new basketball season comes a new attitude for the team: "Be Relentless." A 60-second spot with the same name launched nationally during the NBA 2014-2015 season opener games. The black-and-white ad shows players succeeding in the court, coaches and players rallying in the locker room, fans awaiting the start of a game and a voiceover that describes the Clippers 2.0.
  • Burt's Bees 'Uncaps Flavor' In Each Tube Of Lip Balm
    Burt's Bees' has launched its firstTV spot, which opens with a pair of worker bees dropping a tube of Beeswax lip balm -- and it's quite the animated story.
  • The Boxtrolls Launches Movie Tie-In App, 'Slide 'n' Sneak'
    Random iPhone App of the week: The Boxtrolls launched its official mobile game, "The Boxtrolls: Slide 'n' Sneak," to coincide with the movie's theatrical release. The side-scrolling adventure game brings players to the underground-cavern-dwelling community of the Boxtrolls. Players must traverse the world of Cheesebridge to rescue captured Boxtrolls from the Red Hats' factory. A player can take up to three Boxtrolls on missions to collect gears and cogs in more than 30 levels inspired by the movie. Gamers receive a light bulb reward for completing a level successfully, or earn three …
  • Watch The 'In The Raw' Family Grow Before Your Eyes
    In The Raw sweetener is a Brooklyn-based, family-owned company that produces a slew of natural sweeteners often found inside the small brown packets in coffee shops. The company launched a TV spot to educate consumers on the size of their family tree -- one that keeps sprouting new branches
  • Samsung Unleashes 'The Power Of The Curve'
    Samsung's curved UHD TV is stunning. High fashion and sleek, modern architecture collide in "The Power Of The Curve." The 90-second video follows a handful of models as they walk through a house that's full of curved televisions.
  • NEW! Villaggio Bread Is So Good That Someone Is Stealing A Bite From Boy's Lunch. Who Is It?
    Trulia conducts a haunted open house. Real TVs have curves. Let's launch!
  • NEW! For Halloween, Trulia Conducts A Haunted Open House
    It appears that Halloween is the favorite holiday of the folks at Trulia. The online resource for finding a new home had a great deal of fun leading up to Halloween, all at the expense of potential homebuyers. House hunting is difficult, but this spooky video takes it to a paranormal level. Trulia rigged a house with a doll that came to life, a sewing machine that functioned on its own, a mysterious falling book and zombie Grandma emerging from her bed telling visitors to leave her house. It was great; people …
  • NEW! Romantic Hubby Uses WEMO To Rig House And Surprise Wife On Anniversary
    WEMO might be the closest thing to "The Jetsons" we'll ever see. For the record, I'm still waiting for my flying car... The technology allows users to control household electronics from mobile devices. And not just the lighting or the heat; we're talking coffee makers, curling irons, humidifiers, slow cookers and gaming consoles, too. It can make a person feel like they're home, even when they're away. Just like the romantic tech genius starring in "The Big Anniversary Rig," a 60-second online spot introducing WEMO to the masses. It's a husband and …
  • NEW! Dodge Brothers' Car Chase Spans 100 Years
    Boys and their toys. In this case, it's also their legacy. The latest commercial in the Dodge Brothers brand campaign is full of your typical case of sibling rivalry. "John vs Horace" tells the story of two men who are business partners, brothers, friends and competitors. In celebrating its 100-year anniversary, Dodge takes viewers on a car chase between the brothers.
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