• NEW! Kenny Rogers Gives Not-So-Subtle Card-Playing Clues In Latest GEICO Ad
    GEICO has launched a pair of TV ads as part of its "Did you know" campaign. The first ad, "Kenny," illustrates how typical and mundane a night of playing poker with Kenny Rogers can be. The next ad, "Words Can Hurt," shows the climactic end of a Western movie.
  • NEW! In The Realm Of Girl Scout Cookies, Luis Suarez Is The Samoa
    Even Girl Scout Cookies have World Cup fever. In a cute 15-second video, two beloved Girl Scout Cookie flavors, Thin Mints and Samoas, compete against one another in their own Girl Scout World Cup. The game is tied 1:1, with seconds left to score a goal inside an open box of Girl Scout Cookies. Thin Mint shoots and scores, creating a joyous pile-up of happy Thin Mints. And then a bitter Samoa takes a bite out of the goal-scoring Thin Mint, similar to the stunt pulled by Luis Suarez, leaving the cookie …
  • NEW! Neutrogena Men Aims To End Junkface
    A survey by Ipsos Reid found that 72% of Canadian men surveyed practice Junkface. Unfamiliar with the term? It's the showertime activity where men wash their junk and their face with the same bar of soap. Neutrogena MEN wants to put an end to this nasty practice with "The Campaign To End Junkface."
  • NEW! Greenpeace Launches Dark Comedy To Draw Attention To Serious Arctic Events
    Greenpeace launched a dark comedy, clocking in at 4 minutes, to draw attention to ways that people can help save the arctic. Events are based on a true story, although when watching it, you'd think otherwise. The video begins in the office of a small business owner and lover of the environment, Gary Stephenson. He recruits his office manger, a sweet, older woman named Dina, to fulfill a simple task: go to Russia, place a banner on the side of an oil rig and be prepared for potential jail time in a …
  • Chivas 18 Pays Tribute To The 'Modern Gentleman'
    Chivas 18 Hong Kong launched "A Tribute to the Modern Gentlemen," a video campaign about three men from different walks of life, including a venture philanthropist, filmmaker and social designer. Each story explores the qualities of the real modern gentlemen and how their knowledge and achievements influence and empower the people around them. Each story is roughly 90 seconds long, highlighting one man's mission to help feed school children in need, the influences of a filmmaker and a designer who turns a tree uprooted from a typhoon into a kite winder to …
  • War Child Commercial: 'Don't Let This Story Become His Story'
    War Child in the Netherlands launched a 60-second video in May, coinciding with May 4 and 5, when WWII is remembered in the Netherlands. The organization gives physical support to children who are traumatized by war. The video shows a young "war child," recalling a traumatic time in his youth when people of all ages were taken abruptly and thrown in the back of a truck. "Don't let this story become his story," flashes copy. "Help us take the war out of a child." The story is actually that of a now …
  • Sickweather App Is The Foursquare For Illness
    Random iPhone App of the week: This app is a dream for germaphobes and anyone looking to stay healthy year-round but still wanting to leave the house. Sickweather created an iPhone app that alerts users in real time when they enter Sick Zones: areas where illnesses are reported on social media. This time around, oversharing is caring. The latest update to the app lets users report illnesses directly and anonymously to the Sickweather map. So when a person publicly shares on Facebook or Twitter that their kid has strep throat, Sickweather files …
  • All Is Fair In Peace And Football
    Even those who champion peace have World Cup fever. Visa is promoting its global sponsorship of the 2014 FIFA World Cup with "United in Rivalry," an ad that shows the competitive side of the world's most peaceful people. Nobel Peace Prize Laureates from Costa Rica, Ireland, Liberia and Poland describe their passion for football and the temporary backseat peace takes when an important game is being played.
  • NEW! Audi Creates Digital World Cup Scoreboard Made From A8 Sedans
    Pop Secret invents the MicroRave. Pantene tells women to stop apologizing. Let's launch!
  • NEW! Pop Secret Invents The MicroRave
    Pop Secret invented the MicroRave, coinciding with EDC, an electronic dance music festival. A MicroRave is a hip place (a spray-painted microwave with a disco ball and strobe lights) where the cool kernels pop to techno music, located in an abandoned building at an undisclosed location, so the kernels that find the MicroRave are in for an epic night filled with techno music, strobe lights, a spinning hot plate and popped kernels. Like all trendy underground scenes, there's a line of kernels waiting to experience the MicroRave.
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