• NEW! Esurance Creates Marriage Equality Video
    Pizza orders help students learn English. Lean Cuisine rebrands. Let's launch!
  • NEW! Lean Cuisine Rebrands With #WeighThis Campaign -- And It's Not Pounds
    Lean Cuisine has launched an online video to support its rebranding theme, #WeighThis. Rather than stressing about a number on a scale, Lean Cuisine wants consumers to weigh the things in life that matter most to them
  • NEW Lifebuoy Creates Sanitizing Device For Shopping-Cart Handles
    File this under "Why wasn't this product invented sooner?" Shopping-cart handles are touched daily by countless people and probably cleaned only when left out in the rain. Basically, a hotbed for germs. Lifebuoy soap got a "Handle on Hygiene" in Dubai when it partnered with the country's largest supermarket and equipped each shopping cart with a circular contraption that sanitizes cart handles before consumers touch them. When the device is activated and swiped across the handle, Lifebuoy claims 99.9% of all bacteria is killed. We need an oversized version for every subway pole, stat. See …
  • NEW! Volkswagen Controls Destiny For Teens Looking For Love And A License
    Volkswagen Canada launched a pair of sweet ads promoting the 2015 Tiguan and 2015 Passat. Playing off the brand's "Unforgettable" branding model, the ads feature teenagers having their fate changed for the better, thanks to the great control of the Tiguan and Passat. "Prom Night" supports the Tiguan and young love. When a father drives his daughter and her date to a school dance, he gets the romantic ball rolling by taking a few turns too fast, making the young couple hold hands. When the pair leave the car, the boy's hand begins to move from …
  • NEW! Students Learn English Via Pizza Orders
    Now this is real-world experience. FCB Brasil teamed up with Bella Vista Pizzeria, a Culver City, Calif.-based pizza parlor, to help students at the CNA Language School in Sao Paulo gain experience speaking English with customers ordering pizza. When a person calls to order a pizza from Bella Vista Pizzeria, they're connected with a CNA student in a classroom in Brazil. With their instructors listening in, students take the orders, which are rerouted back to Bella Vista, and make small talk with consumers. The longer the patrons speak with the students, the greater the discount they …
  • TV Guide Digital Launches Apple Watch App
    TV Guide Digital has launched an app for the Apple Watch that provides real-time updates on trending topics and customizable alerts so TV fans won't miss when their favorite show airs live. Users can set up a personalized Watchlist to save and organize favorite shows, sports teams, movies and celebrities and find out where and when to watch them.
  • Japanese City Lures Visitors With Tales Of Alien Sea Creatures
    This is not your typical tourism campaign. To draw visitors to Saga City, Japan, Geometry Global Japan and Ogilvy & Mather Japan created "Alien of Ariake," a video that researches the mysterious WRSB, an alien creature that lives in the nearby Ariake Sea. The video begins with a couple finding the skeletal remains of an unknown creature washed ashore. One researcher looks at the skeleton and declares that the creature will eat "everything." Naturally, panic ensues. Visit before it's too late. See the video here.
  • Valspar Brings Color To The Color Blind
    Valspar launched a wonderful video, free of branding, that brings color to the lives of people who are color blind. "Color for the Colorblind" interviews a group of color blind adults who candidly describe the things they wish they could see. Valspar partnered with EnChroma, and the company created glasses that enables color-blind people to see the full spectrum of colors. It's so touching to see the adults see full color for the first time. One man was able to see his child's colorful drawings and experience the beauty of a sunset. See it here. The …
  • S7 Airlines Flies To Locations Found In Childrens' Imaginations
    S7 Airlines, a Russian-based carrier, launched a 2:30 video illustrating that the airline can fly to numerous locations, even places found in dreams. The airline asked a group of kids if they could go to one place, what would it look like. The children longed for a world with spaceships, dragons, mermaids, an underground world  -- and chocolate, lots of chocolate. One girl was asked if this "world" existed and the child replied: "Not on this planet." The remaining half of the video follows the airline as it finds every fantastical image the children dreamed of …
  • NEW! Latest Geico Ad Is Part 'Game Of Thrones' And Part 'Princess Bride'
    Valspar brings color to the colorblind. LG creates a leather print ad. Let's launch!
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