• Holographic Campaign For Puma's New 'Dreamer' Sneaker
    Firefly displayed a 360-degree image of the Sky Dreamer sneaker and a Puma-branded basketball on the roof of parked vehicles.
  • Ad Council Finds Love For Adoptable Pets With OOH Activation
    Initiative took inspiration from dating apps and the swipe-right culture to pair dogs and cats with potential parents.
  • Coke's New 'Feel It' Campaign
    Publicis Italy's new OOH, print and social campaign for Coca-Cola is designed to look like a Coke bottle -- that isn't actually there.
  • Happy 'Val-Intestine' Day! With Love From Culturelle
    Campaign creative mimics middle-school style Valentines packed with bathroom-infused puns.
  • Golden Corral Says You Are What You Eat
    Golden Corral's new campaign aims to shift the focus beyond the food and toward human connection and feelings.
  • VSP Vision Care Addresses Eye Health In New Campaign
    The "Eyeballs are Amazeballs" creative features extremely close views of numerous single eyeballs as a voiceover propounds the necessity of quality eye care.