• NEW! Coors Light Launches Virtual Reality Campaign
    Ads for Johnsonville created from employee ideas. Secret deodorant has a question. Let's launch!
  • NEW! Global Geometry Wants To Repay 'Word Debt'
    Since the debt crisis in Greece, children have had to deal with school closings and overcrowded classrooms. More than 1,000 schools have closed since 2011 and education spending has been reduced by 45%. Now, the NGO The Smile of the Child in partnership with HealRWorld, Geometry Global Hong Kong and Geometry Global Moscow are launching a pro bono awareness campaign to assist these schoolchildren. Launched in five languages globally, the Word Debt platform is linked to Facebook and Twitter and notifies users how many words from their social media posts are of Greek origin. …
  • NEW! Johnsonville Creates Ads Based On Employee's Ideas
    Everyone's a critic -- and also has the ideal ad campaign for brand XYZ somewhere in the back of their minds. Johnsonville decided to tap into this uncharted territory by asking its employees for their ad ideas, some of whom saw their concepts come to fruition. To start, Droga5 created a 4-minute trailer and a behind-the-scenes video of the commercial shoots that introduces viewers to the three Johnsonville employees picked to share their ad ideas. In one ad, there's a high-speed car chase consisting of trucks, sportscars, grandmas on scooters and …
  • NEW! Secret Deodorant Turns Tables On Women & Marriage Proposals
    Who says women can't propose? Secret deodorant breaks down that barrier in "The Question," which launched during the season premiere of "The Bachelorette." Part of the brand's "Stress-Tested for Women" campaign, the ad watches a couple finishing their meal at a Chinese restaurant. The man opens his fortune and it's addressed to him. Rather than assume the fortune is from his girlfriend, he freaks out, gets paranoid and nervously looks around him for the perpetrator. His patient girlfriend is beginning to stress, for this is not how she played this moment out in her …
  • XFINITY Gives NASCAR Fans A Dose Of Virtual Reality
    NASCAR fans want to be as close to the action as possible. When that's not doable, check out a virtual reality experience created by XFINITY, a title sponsor. The app allows fans to get an inside look at the race action, with live race and driver stats right on their TVs. "How Close is too Close" begins in a living room, with the viewer watching a race on TV. The action gets closer and closer, to the point where you're rattled watching the video. I know I was, and I've never been to a NASCAR …
  • Booking.com Lets Travelers Follow Their 'Passions'
    Booking.com launched "Passions," an international TV campaign that promotes a new feature on the travel site that allows people to search destinations based on their interests. The ads are running in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Australia and Canada. One woman lets her inner warrior roar in "Haka." One couple takes Medieval reenacting to an extreme level while on vacation in Italy. The final ad features a man, a pig and a search for truffles. Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam created the campaign.
  • SalesFuel Launches App
    Random App of the week:SalesFuel launched a free mobile app called SalesFuel Insights. The app provides sales tips and strategies, marketing and branding trends, consumer insights and digital media expertise and guidance. Employees also curate relevant news headlines in automotive, healthcare, retailing, consumer purchase intent, SMB operations, digital marketing and advertising media categories. The app also updates field reps with real-time local traffic, weather radar and forecasts when visiting clients. Download the app in Google Play or the App Store.
  • Mila Kunis Takes Viewers Inside Jim Beam's Rackhouse
    Actress Mila Kunis takes viewers inside a Jim Beam rackhouse for the brand's latest global TV campaign. The 30-second spot, "Look Inside," shows stacks and stacks of oak barrels, holding bourbon that takes four years to age. Not much excitement here. The commercial will air throughout the year across sports, late night and Hispanic TV networks. See it here. And for the first time in Jim Beam's history, the company will air a Spanish-language version exclusively for Hispanic media. StoryWorks created the campaign.
  • NEW! How NOT To Stream TV Shows, As Told By '30 Rock' Cast, Verizon
    Girls do code. Open house shows poverty in Canada. Let's launch!
  • NEW! Burger King Italy Hires 'Umarells' To Oversee New Restaurant Construction
    Apparently, elderly retirees in Italy love to spend their free time watching construction sites and doling out advice that no one listens to or cares to follow. They're called "Umarells," and Burger King Italy hired a crew to help guide workers on the latest restaurant construction site. The #KingofUmarells were found via a newspaper campaign and fliers in bowling alleys and outside churches. Five men were selected to lead a construction site for an entire day. I think they had a good time. Once the restaurant opened, the men were invited back to don crowns …
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