• NEW! Budweiser Launches Pro-Immigrant Super Bowl Ad, 'Born The Hard Way'
    Melissa McCarthy saves the world. KFC has dueling Colonels. Let's launch!
  • Melissa McCarthy To Star In Kia's Super Bowl Ad
    Melissa McCarthy will star in Kia's 60-second Super Bowl ad, running in the third quarter. The ad promotes the 2017 Kia Niro. In one of two teaser spots, McCarthy is running away from something in a desert -- I'm hoping it's an animal of sorts. In the next teaser, McCarthy calls roadside assistance to see if they can help a driver who isn't on land or any road --  she's floating on an iceberg. David&Goliath created the campaign.
  • Tostitos Launched 'Party-Safe' Bags In Time For Super Bowl
    Last week Tostitos debuted the "Party Safe," which, when blown on, can detect alcohol on a person's breath. Now, Goodby Silverstein & Partners launched an online video describing how the technology works in an effort to raise awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving. The film features pro football player Delanie Walker, who lost his aunt and uncle to a drunk driver on the same day he played in the big game, and a DUI offender who injured someone while under the influence. Tostitos partnered with MADD and hopes to remove 25,000 cars …
  • Febreze Launches First Super Bowl Ad
    There's nothing sexy about a Super Bowl halftime bathroom break, and Febreze doesn't sugarcoat the mayhem in its first-ever Super Bowl ad, running in the second quarter. During the big game, you can't miss an important play and you absolutely can't miss the ads, so most of us hold everything in until halftime. Just the thought makes me uncomfortable. "America's Halftime Bathroom Break" is voiced-over by Kathryn Hahn, who offers an amusing take showing the million of people rushing to the bathroom at the same time. "We go from standing as rivals to sitting …
  • NEW! Jason Statham, Gal Gadot, Star In Wix.com's Super Bowl Ad
    Tostitos bags that detect alcohol on breath. Febreze launches first Super Bowl ad. Let's launch!
  • Wendy's Making Super Bowl Ad Debut
    Wendy's is making its Super Bowl ad debut by putting fake news to rest. Research conducted by Wendy's found that seven out of 10 consumers don't believe the brand serves fresh beef that's never frozen. A 30-second big game ad is set to Foreigner's "Cold As Ice" and gives viewer's an inside look at beef served by other chains, aptly named Othr Guyz LLC in the ad. It's a storage facility filled with frozen beef patties that an employee defrosts with a hair dryer. Not palate-pleasing by any means, even with Foreigner piped throughout the …
  • Play Chipotle's 'Cado Crusher, Win Free Guac
    Play now and save this coupon for free guacamole for Super Bowl Sunday. Chipotle Mexican Grill teamed up with Avocados From Mexico to create the online game "'Cado Crusher," where users have three rounds to whack-a-mole ingredients to make their own version of Chipotle's guacamole. Quick players will receive a mobile offer good for a free order of chips and guacamole, with purchase of an entree, at any Chipotle through February 28. I was slow going the first two rounds, but scored a 15 out of 15 in the final round to win a …
  • Skittles Returns To Super Bowl With Teen Love And Update To Throwing Rocks At Windows
    Didn't this teen realize the Skittles he was throwing weren't hitting glass? Skittles created "Romance" for its big game ad, running in the first quarter. Created by adam&eveDDB, this marks only the third time the brand has advertised during the Super Bowl. Following a lengthy hiatus, Skittles returned last year with "Portrait," starring Steven Tyler and a singing self-portrait made of Skittles. This year's spot features a romantic teen vying for the attention of his crush. He stands outside her bedroom window, yelling her name and throwing Skittles. One flaw: the candies aren't …
  • Humpty Dumpty To Star In Super Bowl Ad For TurboTax
    Is it Super Bowl ad time already? Let's launch!
  • NEW! Steve Jobs Shown For The First Time In Non-Apple Ad
    The White House's startup company, The United States Digital Service (USDS), launched two videos narrated by Steve Jobs that celebrates technologists who step out of their comfort zone to build items that can make a positive change on countless industries and individuals. USDS is a team of technologists tasked with improving public-facing services, like modernizing the immigration system and making Veterans benefits more accessible online. The campaign is the first time Steve Jobs has been featured in a spot outside of Apple. Havas New York created the campaign. The first film was directed by …
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