• People Do Crazy Things For Kraft Mac And Cheese
    KRAFT Mac and Cheese launched an amusing TV spot called "What I Did For Love," which strings together some awkward moments of weakness when it comes to gooey mac and cheese.
  • It's A 'Full House' In Oikos Yogurt's Super Bowl Ad
    Goldieblox wins a free Super Bowl ad. Tebow likes life without a contract. Let's launch!
  • GoldieBlox Wins Intuit's Contest, Scores Free Super Bowl Ad
    Intuit QuickBooks has announced the winner of its Small Business Big Game contest, who receives an all-expenses-paid Super Bowl ad: GoldieBlox, a book series and construction set marketed to young girls.
  • Tim Tebow Stars In T-Mobile Super Bowl Ads, Loving Life Without A Contract
    Tim Tebow couldn't score a long-term contract with a NFL team, but at least he has a sense of humor. Tebow stars in two Super Bowl ads for T-Mobile, highlighting the advantages of life without multiyear contracts in his personal and mobile life.
  • NEW! Toyota's Super Bowl Ad Has Enough Room For Terry Crews And The Muppets
    Toyota's Super Bowl spot promoting its 2014 Highlander has plenty of room for Terry Crews, the Muppets and their musical instruments -- but zero room for boring.
  • Heinz Ketchup Returns To Super Bowl After 16 Years
    Rainbows, dancing animals and British villains driving fancy cars. Let's launch!
  • British Villains Rendezvous In Jaguar's Super Bowl Spot #GoodToBeBad
    Jaguar asks an interesting question in its Super Bowl ad: Why does Hollywood cast Brits to play the evil villain roles? The question is wonderfully answered by three famous British actors who have each played a villain or two in the past.
  • Ellen DeGeneres Dances Her Way Through Beats Music's Super Bowl Ad
    Ellen DeGeneres celebrated her birthday by debuting the "Beats Music" Super Bowl ad on her TV show. The ad stars DeGeneres as a modern-day Goldilocks searching for the perfect dance music playlist.
  • NEW! Volkswagen's Super Bowl Ad Is Full Of Angel Wings And Rainbows
    Volkswagen's Super Bowl ad isn't all puppies and sunshine. It's more angels and rainbows.
  • Morpheus From 'The Matrix' Sings Opera In Kia's Super Bowl Ad
    Kia's Super Bowl ad, "The Truth," promotes the K900 luxury sedan by redefining the definition of luxury.
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