• NEW! Old Spice Debuts 'Five Year Plan'
    That often-asked job interview question: "What is your five-year plan?" Old Spice, keeping with its quirky, outlandish ads, takes a stab at answering it in "Five Year Plan," part of the brand's "Smell 'Em Who's Boss" campaign. The ad illustrates the powers of Old Spice Swagger and Desperado deodorants, combined with Old Spice Hair. When a interviewee is asked his business plans, he confidently lists the changes he'd like to make in the company. Things get weird when the man's head vanishes inside his suit, the way a turtle disappears in its shell. The …
  • NEW! YWCA Met Chicago Celebrates 140th Birthday
    The YWCA Metropolitan Chicago is celebrating its 140th anniversary with the "Without the W" campaign that plays off the W in its name to challenge conventional wisdom about the "swim and gym" organization. Developed with agency VSA Partners, the creative showcases the role women play in communities by removing the the "W" from iconic Chicago landmarks and communities, such as “Windy City,” “Lakeview” and “Englewood.” The missing letter is designed to encourage viewers to ask: what if, suddenly, the women were gone? What would our city look like? What would become of our city? How …
  • Dairy Queen Launches S'Mores Oreo Blizzard
    Fans of Dairy Queen Blizzards have a new option for the summer: S'mores Oreo Blizzard. Don't worry, the classic S'mores Blizzard is still available, and an ad campaign by Barkley pits the two flavors against one another. Fans are either purists or adventurists. Camp S'mores kids plays folk songs, while Camp Oreo S'mores kids play electric guitars. Camp S'mores hikers hike. Camp Oreo S'mores chases people through the woods with spears and gave me a "Lord of the Flies" vibe. Survival of the fittest. Choose your side. Keith Schofield of Caviar directed the ad.
  • Hagerty Classic Car Insurance Is For People Who Love Cars
    Hagerty Classic Car Insurance is "for people who love cars." A pair of TV ads show off beautiful classic cars and taught me that car lovers have their own language, since half of the terms used were Greek to me. The first ad describes the happy feeling classic-car lovers get when they drive their car around, generating looks and reactions of excitement. The second ad shows classic car owners telling the camera what their dream car would be. As one guy said, he could always build a bigger garage. Grenadier created the campaign.
  • Life Is An Inner 'Obstacle Course' For LGBT People
    Let love rule. Inter-LGBT and TBWA\Paris created an online video to raise awareness that LGBTphobia is still present, and a rough journey for LGBT folks to travel. The 2:15 video puts the viewer in the role of of an LGBT person, whose identity is never revealed. This person has been suffering and running through an "Obstacle Course" of emotions and negative events starting at a young age. Torment begins in school and moves through teenage years, family life, looking for a job, and the desire to express their love, have a family and not …
  • Samsung Electronics Australia Creates brainBAND Project
    Samsung Electronics Australia and Leo Burnett Sydney created the brainBAND Project, an initiative that uses wearable technology to track data that can hopefully improve research into concussions. In Australia, neuroscientist Dr. Alan Pearce teamed up with industrial designer Braden Wilson to create a prototype wearable head monitor to measure the impact of a concussion. It's fascinating. The headband looks like a bigger version of a FitBit and houses sensors at the back of the head that measure the force of an impact. This information can be relayed in real time via an app to …
  • NEW! Office Depot, Office Max Create Shark Week Campaign Using Sharpies
    There's a new Colonel in town for KFC. Live every week like it's Shark Week. Let's launch!
  • NEW! AIDES Campaign Running During EURO 2016: 'Make Love, Not War'
    There is a ton of soccer taking place in France until July 10, when EURO 2016 concludes, with fans from all over the world coming together to root for their country's team. An out-of-home campaign from AIDES is encouraging fans from different countries to mingle -- and to do it safely. "Make love, not war," was photographed by Eric Traore and features naked soccer fans of all sexualities painted as their country's flag and getting close to another soccer fan painted in a different flag. "Blend together, safe together," reads copy on each ad. The …
  • NEW! KFC Has A New Colonel For Its Extra-Crispy Chicken: George Hamilton
    George Hamilton is an extra-crispy human, so it makes complete sense that he's the latest actor to play KFC's Colonel Sanders, promoting the brand's extra-crispy recipe. Four TV spots will highlight KFC's signature $5 and $20 Fill Ups, meals for a small group or a small army. In one ad, extra crispy is a lifestyle, not just a product. The more extra-crispy chicken a fair-skinned boy eats, the tanner he becomes in another spot. In a pair of 15-second ads, a serving tray doubles as food holder and a way to catch …
  • NEW! 'Cannes Meow,' The Unofficial App of Cannes
    FCB/SIX created "Cannes Meow," an app attendees of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. The app provides graphic leaderboards about the awards, and is divided into four main content areas: "Hangover Hub," "After Dark," "Top Trending" and "Meow." Expect that last category to offer catty Cannes content. Now say that three times fast. The app will stream live Twitter responses, real-time stats, photos and festival gossip, aiming to be the unofficial app of Cannes. The free app is available for iOS and Android.
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