• NEW! Krispy Kreme And Nutella Unite For #EasiestSellEver
    A 30-second online video from Krispy Kreme touts the brand's latest doughnut flavor that's sure to get mouths watering. A Krispy Kreme exec enters a stage filled with dramatic music and smoke to tell the audience: "We have a new doughnut. It has Nutella on it." Exit stage left and use the hashtag#EasiestSellEver. The "Nutty Cocoa Ring, topped with Nutella" is one half sprinkled with Nutella and hazelnuts, and the other drizzled with Nutella. It is available at 322 U.S. Krispy Kreme stores. Baldwin&, Raleigh created the campaign.
  • NEW! Burger King Brings Back Cheesy Tots, Napoleon Dynamite Characters
    Burger King is bringing back Cheesy Tots, a fan-favorite snack of cheese-filled tater tots. A digital campaign reunites Jon Heder and Efren Ramirez, Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro from the 2004 film "Napoleon Dynamite." If you've seen the quirky film, you'll remember that Napoleon loves tater tots and prefers not to share the beloved snack. In the ad, Pedro orders cheesy tots and Napoleon asks if he can try one. Napoleon then takes all of Pedro's cheesy tots, even the one he's about to bite. Code and Theory created the campaign for the limited-time item.
  • NEW! Matthew McConaughey Relaxes In Back Seat Of 2017 Lincoln Continental
    Alright, alright, alright. Matthew McConaughey takes a back seat to the 2017 Lincoln Continental, by actually sitting in the back seat. This car has some serious leg room. "Crafted" begins somewhere on a beach with McConaughey staring at his car while the water shimmers underneath. He then sits in the driver's seat, admiring the steering wheel and wondering how many car owners sit in the back seat of their vehicles. McConaughey does, and he crosses his legs to show the massive legroom for those riding in the back. Driver's seat McConaughey laughs, then takes …
  • NEW! Cracker Barrel Caters, Office Productivity Soars
    Cracker Barrel now caters, which means a hero office manager elevated his status when an important meeting was catered with chicken fried chicken, sausage biscuits, yogurt parfaits and country chef salads, rather than a tray of donuts. Thanks, office manager, for knowing how to un-jam the copy machine, book the meeting room at the last minute and cater like a beast. Epsilon created the campaign.
  • NEW! Project Roadblock Educates On Warning Signs Of 'Buzzed Driving'
    The Ad Council teamed up with the Television Bureau of Advertising and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to launch the 13th edition of Project Roadblock. The effort raises awareness of drunk and "buzzed" driving during the holiday season. Supporting the initiative is a TV ad featuring a couple about to leave a bar. A woman, donning a "warning sign" shirt, confronts  her male companion, asking if he's really OK to drive. He's thinking of taking the back roads home, which is a sure sign he's not 100% in control. He agrees and calls a …
  • NEW! Delta Launches Holiday Video, 'Two Words'
    Delta's holiday video is nothing to write home about, but if you had to pick "Two Words" to describe holidays, family and reuniting with love ones, what would they be? That's the big non-mystery in the airline's 60-second ad. It's not hard to guess the two words family members are being texted right around the holidays. As people finish work and cook for the holidays, they are interrupted by a text on their phones, which brings smiles to their faces. The magic words are: "Just landed." Moxie created the video, directed by Mundo Sisters
  • NEW! Burns And Smiles Aims To Put Smiles On Burn Victim's Faces All Year-round
    Get the tissues out before you watch this four-minute video for the Burns and Smiles Association. The organization aims to improve the day-to-day lives of burn victims with an online support network. Viewers follow one burn victim for a night, the one night this man feels completely comfortable with going outdoors: Halloween. He begins his night by passing out candy to neighborhood kids. He then dresses up as a vampire, goes out to a carnival, rides the bumper cars, socializes at a bar, even compliments a woman on being the prettiest …
  • #ListenToYourSelfie In Online Video For Childline/NSPCC
    Truman & Cooper created a 4-minute online video for Childline/NSPCC,a hotline that offers advice and support to teens and parents.The video begins with a group of friends having a party at Lara's house when the girl's mother isn't home. The tame party takes a different turn when Dan shows up unannounced with his friends -- and alcohol. As the night progresses,  Lara gets drunk and Dan makes his move. He's pressuring Lara to sleep with him and as they go upstairs, Lara receives messages from her selfies. They come to life, telling drunk Lara …
  • App Uses Fitbit To Predict Sickness
    Random iPhone App of the week: Fitbit gets you moving and the achu app wants to help you avoid getting sick. Developed by Datapult, achu takes a user's Fitbit data to alert them when their body is showing signs of a reoccurring illness, such as a cold, before it even happens. Users first calibrate the app by entering their symptoms when they are actually sick. They then have the option to track various symptoms such as: headache, cough, runny nose, stuffy nose, fatigue, fever, and aches and pains. Once calibrated, achu will look for …
  • NEW! Candid Catmera: The App That Lets Your Cat Take Selfies
    Adults relive their favorite childhood Christmas. #ListenToYourSelfie. Let's launch!
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