• Lincoln Financial Group Encourages Awkward Chats
    Hidden cameras captured real, unsuspecting families talking about finances.
  • U of A's 'Wonder' Campaign
    The University of Arizona is bypassing the typical higher education ad messaging to instead suggest the school satisfies the wonder in everyone.
  • Foot Locker's Latest 'Week Of Greatness' Campaign
    Campaign features top athletes and personalities battling zombies and aliens.
  • Google Pixel 4 Phone Lets You Build A Song With The Wave Of A Hand
    Google tasked ad agency Swift with generating ideas to show some of the innovative technology of its new Pixel 4 Phone.
  • It's Alive! (Your Kitchen That Is)
    The Food Network is raising awareness for a new streaming app with an upbeat, visually driven campaign.
  • Lion's Den Sells Innuendo In Holiday Campaign
    Lion's Den is promoting its sex toys by avoiding the products themselves to instead allude to couples finishing up romantic encounters.
  • Indeed Takes Absurd Approach To Highlight Its Job-Matching Skills
    "Extreme Solutions" creative uses a voice narrative to straightforwardly explain the platform while bizarre short scenes play out.
  • 'Merry Millions' From Ohio Lottery
    The November campaign features social content for 30 different daily national holidays in November, such as National Pickle Day.
  • Night At The Sporting Goods Store
    Director Shawn Levy is leveraging his "Night At The Museum" experience for Dick's Sporting Goods' holiday ad.
  • Connected Kids Hatch Plan To Catch Santa
    Telecom company Orange is out with its Christmas campaign, developed with Publicis Conseil, that demonstrates the benefits of a connected home—especially when the plan is to catch Santa Claus upon his arrival on the big night.  In one spot, Old St. Nick gets pretty roughed up, at least according to the plan being hatched by a group of connected kids in the aforementioned connected home.  Of course Santa is make-believe, so the plan doesn’t get executed. Good thing too, because if there really was a Santa and the plan was carried out, well, let’s just say there’d be a group …
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