• NEW! National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Crafts Country Song On Heroin Addiction
    Many country music songs are sad, dark and depressing; the same goes for a country-sounding song for the National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse that describes the awful effects of heroin addiction. A 60-second TV spot, "That's How," shows a teenage boy who steals his mother's pain pills. When the pills are gone, he gets heroin from a drug dealer. The spot ends with his mother finding the teen dead from a heroin overdose in his bedroom, all while the country-themed song plays. See it here, created by Schupp Consulting
  • NEW! Truth's Latest Anti-Smoking Campaign Is A Catchy Music Video Called 'Left Swipe Dat'
    The latest anti-smoking campaign from the truth is a long-form music video and 60-second TV spot educating young people on one disadvantage to smoking: less dates. The video capitalizes on the rise of social media and dating apps that use the "left swipe" motion as a way to deem someone uninteresting or not your type. The video discusses research showing that dating-profile pics with cigarettes are twice as likely to get left-swiped than non-smoking ones. The video stars Becky G & Fifth Harmony singing catchy and hysterical lyrics of potential scenarios of …
  • NEW! Former Smokers Turn Tables On Grim Reaper In Anti-Smoking Campaign
    A print campaign for the Utah Department of Health's Anti-Tobacco initiative shows former smokers turning the tables on the grim reaper. Each ad shows a former smoker, even one with an oxygen tank, placing the grim reaper in various defensive take-down poses, like a chokehold. Each ad reads: "Get your life back. Death can wait. Find the power to quit smoking today." See the ads here, here and here, created by R&R Partners.
  • Mike's Hard Lemonade Launches Animated Spot That Chronicles Company History
    Mike's Hard Lemonade launched an animated TV spot that tells the story of the brand's inception. It was founded back in 1999, so I feel old at the start. The company came to life in Mike's garage and took the beer category by storm. The company prides itself on only using natural ingredients and creating new recipes from scratch -- most likely not in the garage anymore. The spot serves as a precursor to an upcoming summer campaign. Watch it here, created by TRISECT and produced by Sarofsky Corp.
  • Blake Griffin Channels His Inner 'Fighter Pilot' In Kia Optima Ad
    Blake Griffin believes he can fly... in a Kia Optima. The NBA star is passionate off the basketball court, playing an overzealous action hero in an upcoming blockbuster movie. Rather than fly in a jet, Griffin prefers to fly in his Kia Optima, causing the director's ulcer to flare. With help from special effects, Griffin ends up flying in his car, hopefully taking the enemy by surprise. Watch it here, created by David&Goliath.
  • McDonald's Celebrates 60 Years In Germany With Homage Ad To 'The Sunshine Clown'
    Russian clown Oleg Popov, also known as "the Sunshine Clown," is the perfect example of someone who made his work his play and his play his work. McDonald's celebrates its 60th anniversary in Germany with a 1:30 ad that pays tribute to Popov, who still performs at the young age of 84.
  • Blake Griffin Does More Than Dunk In Brand Jordan Ad
    Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam launched a 30-second black-and-white ad starring NBA star Blake Griffin. Running in Italy and France, the spot promotes the latest Jordan brand collection available at Foot Locker stores throughout Europe. Griffin rises above any negative comments from those who doubt his talents, closing the ad with a slam-dunk. See it here.
  • NEW! Colorado Dept. Of Health Launches First Retail Marijuana Educational Campaign
    What would Jesus do in a marketing meeting? McDonald's celebrates 60 years in Germany. Let's launch!
  • NEW! What Would You Do For a Bowl Of KRAFT Mac & Cheese?
    KRAFT Mac & Cheese launched a trio of ads for its ongoing "You Know You Love it" campaign. "Young at Heart" stars the adorable Estelle Harris as a grandmother who chooses to sit at the kids' table so she can eat macaroni and cheese.
  • NEW! M&M's Ad Is Mock Action-Themed Movie Trailer
    M&M's tweaked a current movie theater ad to run during the Academy Awards. That movie theater version served as a PSA asking audiences to turn off cell phones during the movie. The TV version is a mock action-themed movie trailer ad with the tagline: "Movies are better with M." The ad features all six of the M&M's "spokescandies" reenacting classic action movie scenes, like Orange driving a runaway bus, Blue jumping from a burning building to a hovering helicopter, and Red interrogating a criminal. The ad ends with the M&M's discovering that …
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