• CEO Stars In New Zebra Campaign
    Car insurance comparison site Zebra is raising awareness with a new campaign that emphasizes honesty and education.
  • A-B InBev's 'Smart Drinking' Campaign
    Harbin Beer shows what drunk drivers can lose by featuring positive images of a driver's potential "bright future."
  • TurboTax Launches Tax Season Ad Push
    One campaign, "Changing the Way You Do Taxes," supports TurboTax Live and uses tech humor to highlight the platform's on-demand service.
  • Celebs Rally For Holiday Fox News Blockade
    Three creative directors are joining forces to introduce a PSA-style video that encourages young people going home for the holidays to change the parental controls on their folks’ TV to block the “content unsuitable for older audiences” regularly broadcast on Fox News. The #OutFoxTheHolidays centerpiece is a film featuring "Conan" personality Andy Richter as a Trump supporter dad and mom (Carrie Madsen, “The Late Late Show with James Corden”) welcoming their daughter (Becky Robinson, “Laughs”, “Funny Or Die”) and son (DC Pierson, “UCB”, “Derrick Comedy”) home for the holidays. The clip intermixes chatter among family members with confessionals speaking …
  • Gatorade Taps Sports Stars To Fuel GX Campaign
    The "You Fuel Us, We Fuel You" creative intermixes clips of athletes like Serena Williams engaging with both product and their respective sports.
  • Effie Unveils 5 For 50 Award
    The 5 For 50 Award will recognize the five most consistently effective brands over the past 50 years.
  • Khloe Kardashian Touts Toothbrush In 'Corn Test' Campaign
    The campaign's anchor is a nearly three-minute video that features Kardashian demonstrating the Burst brush cleaning coffee grounds enmeshed in corn.
  • Impact Shares' Female Empowerment Campaign
    Impact Shares' campaign is designed to raise awareness for the financial platform's new ETF portfolio that trades on the NYSE under WOMN.
  • Phonak's 'Love At First Sound'
    Phonak raises awareness for its new Marvel line of hearing aids by introducing a set of webisodes that follow the adventures of two older women.
  • Nordic Alcohol Brand Celebrates Finland's Grey Weather
    The Greyest Day of the Year campaign also included a grey line of clothing designed to mark the day.
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