• O'Charley's Revamps Menu, Introduces New Spokesperson
    O’Charley’s launched a TV campaign featuring a new spokesperson, revamped restaurants and a new dinner and dessert menu. Brock Roland is a man who takes chances on love, push-up contests and seahorses -- but never on where he eats steak. It has to be seasoned perfectly, be the right cut and cost under $10. O’Charley’s fits all requirements -- a win for Brock, who exclaims: “Winner winner sirloin dinner.” Since O”Charley’s tweaked its pie menu to positive reviews, the restaurant now rewards patrons with “Free Pie Wednesday.” Sign me up. See …
  • Volkswagen Argentina Depicts Awkward Trip To The Doctor
    A father and son have a great deal in common in "Pediatrician," a TV spot for Volkswagen Argentina. A check-up at the pediatrician’s office goes from boring to dreamy once dad sees his son’s attractive doctor. Both dad and baby have eyes only for the doctor, especially Dad, who’s daydreaming the visit away. Taking note, his wife tells the doctor another thing father ad son has in common: diarrhea. Buzz kill. The ad promotes the 2014 Suran. Watch it here, created by Fischer América and directed by Cali Ameglio.
  • Zombie-proof Your Car With Hyundai's "The Walking Dead Chop Shop"
    Build the ideal post-apocalyptic car. Parent/child similarities. Let's launch!
  • There's An App For The Saturday Evening Post
    Random iPhone App of the week:The Saturday Evening Post is available for use on an iPad or iPhone, powered by YUDU Media. The app offers bonus content and enhanced features like audio highlights, personalized settings and multiple viewing options. Users can buy a single issue for $3.99 or opt for a single-issue subscription for $1.99 that’s automatically renewed until cancelled. A one-year subscription of six issues costs $9.99. Download the app here.
  • NEW! Clive Owen Vs. Clive Owen
    Well this makes for an interesting media buy. We’ve all seen TV ads from the same brand run in close proximity of one another, but billboards, not so much. The River North section of Chicago is home to an affluent neighborhood and two large billboards of Clive Owen, roughly 70 feet apart from one another. Add to the creep factor that the two Clives are staring at each other. Thankfully, Clive is easy on the eyes, but why two billboards for Three Olives Vodka separated only by pavement? …
  • NEW! GEICO Ponders Navel In Sundance Campaign
    How do agencies come up with the ideas for the popular ads we regularly watch on TV ? The Sundance Channel teamed up with GEICO to create branded vignettes to coincide with the television launch of "The Writers' Room."
  • FedEx Ships Your Clubs
    While it doesn't flow off the tongue like Kmart's "Ship Your Pants" campaign, "Ship Your Clubs" from FedEx has been around longer. The campaign theme first launched two years ago, with this year's host of ads supporting the 2013 FedEx Cup.
  • NEW! 2013 Effie Awards
    With all the hype, overblown estimates and first-of-its-kind campaigns submitted for award shows, truth in advertising is oftentimes hard to find. Whybin\TBWA took a truthful route in its campaign for the 2013 Effie Awards in New Zealand, complete with polygraph examiner.
  • Trashy Dreams
    Even your garbage dreams big. Keep America Beautiful and the Ad Council launched a recycling-themed campaign where the big dreamer that yearns to see the ocean is a discarded plastic bottle. When a stranger tosses the bottle into a recycling bin, the bottle is used as material to make a bench that looks out to the ocean. The average American produces 4.4 pounds of trash daily, yet only 35% is recycled. See the ad here, created by Pereira & O’Dell and directed by Victor Garcia of MJZ.
  • UnFreshing Believable
    Del Taco launched a campaign that’s “UnFreshing Believable,” showcasing its use of fresh ingredients while still costing consumers next to nothing. They have a buck and under menu. A mini-quesadilla for 50 cents? How mini are we talking? The first ad shows an employee so pumped about saving customers money that she chops ingredients at breakneck speed. See it here. Another ad shows dancing chickens and sweaty, muscled cooks to illustrate the fresh ingredients used daily. See it here. Camp + King created the campaign.
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