• NEW! Bret Michaels Sings 'Endless Love' To Nissan Commercial Van
    I just picture Bret's next single: "Don't need nothin' but a good time... in my Nissan commercial vaaaaaan." Just imagine that as an episode on "Rock Of Love." Nissan launched a 4-minute video that promotes Nissan's Commercial Vehicle range but also serves as an awesome music video, where the frontman for Poison serenades "Endless Love" to a fleet of vans. His version of the song can even be downloaded for free from the Nissan website. The video takes place at Nissan's Arizona Testing Center and highlights the rigorous testing each van …
  • NEW! Dell Introduces World To The '5-Second Filmmaker'
    What can you accomplish in five seconds? Marty Goldberg not only creates films in five-second intervals, he lives life the same way. That means fast eating, shaving only one side of your face a day -- and I don't even want to imagine how he showers. It could take five seconds to turn on the water! Goldberg is part of Dell's "Learning Meets Doing" back-to-school marketing campaign, and he's a figment of the brand's imagination. In the two-minute online video, Goldberg describes his "Goldberg Method" of directing and functioning in the world. …
  • Someone Rode The Thumbs Of Glory App To Win A $9K Bike
    Random App of the week: Love bicycling but hate sweating? Looking for a less exhausting workout but at the same time want to challenge yourself, or at least your thumbs? Look no further than Thumbs of Glory, an app that turns your thumbs into your thighs, forcing them to "pedal" as long as the Tour de France cyclists. For those like me who have no idea how long that is, it's three hours a day for 21 days. The app will take contestants through 3,664 kilometers of the exact course of this …
  • Mattress Company Launches Snooze Radio To Prevent Drivers From Falling Asleep
    Piero mattresses launched a radio campaign in Argentina to prevent sleeping. Strange, right? In actuality, it serves more like a PSA than ad campaign, for it only runs in the middle of the night and aims to prevent drivers from falling asleep behind the wheel. It targets cab drivers, truck drivers and bus drivers in a country that sees numerous deaths each day due to traffic accidents. During the 4 a.m.-5 a.m. hour, Piero has an alarm clock ring on the air every nine minutes, similar to if you pushed the snooze …
  • Reed's Ginger Brews Launches First Cable Ad Campaign
    Reed's Ginger Brews has launched its first national cable advertising campaign in 25 years. The low-key, laid-back ad stars the company founder describing his love for ginger, promising viewers that once they try his ginger brew they will never drink ginger ale again.
  • Visa Launches Visa Checkout, A Fast Way To Shop Online
    Visa has launched a quick toll that makes online shopping faster than usual. Visa Checkout lets consumers pay for goods online, on any device, with just a few clicks.
  • NEW! Slim Jim Goes Back To Its Roots With Return Of Earlier Tagline
    Paris Hilton returns to Carl's Jr. ad. Heineken, Fred Armisen encourage "routine interruptions." Let's launch!
  • NEW! Favourite Child Detector Determines Whom Mom And Dad Love More
    This test should be required for every kid who felt forced to accept a friend request from Mom and Dad. It's time to see which child they favor more. To promote the new season of "Modern Family" on Prime TV in New Zealand, FCB New Zealand created the Favourite Child Detector, a nifty device that analyzes mom and dad's Facebook behavior based on their comments, photos and "likes," to determine which child they like best. Since the site promotes everyday modern families, users can test anyone -- …
  • NEW! Paris Hilton Makes Cameo In Latest Sexy Carl's Jr. Ad
    Carl's Jr. and Hardee's have created a Texas-sized version of the infamous Carl's Jr. and Hardee's ad featuring Paris Hilton, a dirty Bentley and an oversized hamburger, starring the company's latest #sexyspokesburgereater, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, and Texas native, Hannah Ferguson.
  • NEW! Nun Has Dirty Habit Exposed In Ad For Tide
    A nun sees the light when confronted with a "Dirty Little Habit." All the nuns were wearing dirty, smelly habits because the nun in charge of laundry never cleaned the washing machine. It was a breeding ground of sinful, smelly grime, until our nun found Tide washing machine cleaner.
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