• NEW! Did GE Reinvents Lightbulb, Jeff Goldblum Stars In Infomercial
    Skittles and Geico launch Halloween-themed ads. Rob Lowe goes lowbrow for DirecTV. Let's launch!
  • NEW! Geico's Halloween-Themed Ad Urges Consumers Not To Make Bad Decisions, Like Teens In Horror Movies
    Geico has launched a new advertising campaign under the "It's what you do" umbrella. The debut ad has a Halloween theme, playing off the stereotypical behavior found in most scary movies.
  • NEW! True Religion Wearers Are Bold, Walk In Through The Out Door
    True Religion launched an online and cinema campaign that plays off the line: "May I Be So Bold." The jean and apparel company's version skips the niceties and goes straight to "Be So Bold." The video begins with a group of friends walking into a bar. And, as Prince once sang, they "walked in through the out door." Immediately, this group's entrance is noticed. Just about every member of the slow-swaggering entourage is clad in demin, eyeing the bar's clientele. This group is looking for a fight and they find it at …
  • NEW! It Takes A Lot Of Hollywood Magic To Make Rob Lowe Look Unattractive In DirecTV Ads
    Rob Lowe is so good-looking that even his so-called creepy self isn't that horrendous in an ad for DirecTV. Lowe, a DirecTV user, stars in two ads that illustrate what Rob Lowe might look like if he had cable TV instead. "Creepy Rob Lowe" watches people swim at the rec center when his cable goes out and smells people's hair in a dark movie theater. Heartthrob Rob Lowe needs only to stress about what tea to drink while watching his favorite show. See it here. The second ad shows a hands-down, …
  • NEW! Oh, What A Tangled Web We Weave In Skittles' First-Ever Halloween Ad
    Skittles has launched its first-ever Halloween ad, which surprises me because the mini bags of Skittles are an ideal Halloween treat. "Web" was created as both a 15-second TV spot and 45-second online-only version.
  • Delano Hotel In Las Vegas Is 'Defiantly Inspired' -- Whatever That Means
    When I watched this ad, I thought it was selling a fashion brand or maybe a luxury perfume. A new hotel in Vegas was not on my radar. Delano Las Vegas opened on Sept. 2, and its 60-second video, "Defiantly Inspired," left me uninspired and looking for a book on abstract art for dummies. There's a chic couple dressed in white. There's an eyeball, fire, a gold beating heart, and random snippets of furniture. The couple shed some clothing, look passionately into one another's eyes -- and then there's more furniture, a …
  • Richard Sherman Eats Campbell's Chunky With Help From His Mom And 'Souper Fans'
    Richard Sherman, cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks, is the latest football player to work alongside his actual mother in the Campbell's Chunky soup "Mama's Boy" campaign. Created by Y&R New York, the campaign launches with a two-minute video starring "Mama Sherman and the Legion of Souper Fans." "Copter Caper" follows Mama Sherman and four actual, die-hard Seahawks fans who go to extreme lengths to make sure Sherman eats his Chunky Soup. When Sherman is lost, the five fly throughout Seattle in a helicopter until Sherman is found and returned to his mother's …
  • StubHub Promises 'Only Good Surprises' At Checkout
    StubHub's beloved Ticket Oak promises only good surprises at checkout in a Halloween-themed TV spot running on ESPN's "Monday Night Football," "NFL Sunday Ticket," ESPN.com and ESPN mobile, among other outlets.
  • Cascadian Farm Launches Bee Photo Booth To Educate... And Tweak Profile Pics
    Organic food marketer Cascadian Farm is on a mission to educate the world about the importance of bees and sustaining a threatened bee population. The company has launched "Bee Friendlier," a website full of information on bees and the ways that typical consumers can help them thrive.
  • NEW! Hermes Launches Whimsical Website Devoted Entirely To Silk
    Sinatra's "My Way" helps Jeter say good-bye. Old SNL characters return in State Farm campaign. Let's launch!
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