• NEW! A Billboard In Peru That Purifies The Air
    Talk about a game-changer. A billboard that purifies air in construction zones? It's real and it's in Peru. There's a construction boom taking place in Peru but with that comes polluted air that nearby residents and construction workers are exposed to. The University of Engineering and Technology in Peru (UTEC) is building a campus, so technically it's part of this pollution problem. It also is part of the solution. UTEC teamed up with FCB Mayo to create a billboard that removes dust, metal and stone particles from the air, purifying …
  • INXS Song And Wayward Astronaut Promote South Australian Tourism
    I thought this 1:45 video was a music video, not a tourism campaign for the South Australian Tourism commission. "Breathe" promotes the Adelaide region, although the most I can gather is that the Adelaide region is known for its wine country, museums, football stadiums and mountain views. The video features singer Emma Louise, singing a haunting rendition of INXS' "Never Tear Us Apart" throughout the video, but she also has an astronaut alter ego, and that's where the video loses me. Great singer, great song, but too much astronaut and not enough …
  • Four Brands Join Together In One Commercial For Autism Awareness Month
    To support World Autism Awareness month, BBDO NY and Autism Speaks have partnered to create an atypical 60-second commercial to encourage parents to look for the early signs of autism, because early intervention can make a "Lifetime of Difference."
  • Any Day Playing Golf Is A Good Day, Says The PGA
    Golf is hard for newbies like me, yet somehow still enjoyable. That's the tone the PGA of America used in its TV campaign promoting a Web site, www.GetGolfReady.com, where golfers in training can find local facilities that offer five lessons starting at $99.
  • SideReel App Lets TV Watchers Organize, Track And View Their Favorite Shows
    There is a lot of great TV to watch, so All Media Network launched SideReel, a free app that lets TV fans keep track of their favorite TV series, offering ways to find, track, and watch shows on an iPhone or iPad.
  • NEW! Man Has 'Bar Epiphany' In Corona Light Ad
    A&W Restaurants creates the world's longest hashtag. Nissan Pathfinder becomes a modern-day Noah's ark. Let's launch!
  • NEW! Solo Vacations Celebrated In Latest Booking.com Ad
    Booking.com is launching a global TV campaign highlighting an uptick in women taking solo vacations. The ad, created by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, is currently running in the U.S. and U.K.
  • NEW! Tropicana Farmstand Is Stealth Like A Ninja
    Tropicana Canada launched a new product, Tropicana Farmstand, that tastes like fruit juice but also contains one serving of vegetables. It masks the unsavory taste of vegetables, making it a hit beverage for young kids. In "Ninja," a young girl maneuvers through her house like a ninja. She's on a mission: reach the refrigerator and drink a glass of Tropicana Farmstand. The mini ninja hides under a rug in the living room and the dining room table undetected, like the serving of veggies found in Tropicana Farmstand. Mom finds the …
  • NEW! Nissan Turns Its Pathfinder Into Modern-Day Noah's Ark
    Nissan Pathfinder launched a TV spot during the NBA playoffs on TNT where a father and daughter car ride becomes more of an updated rendition of Noah's Ark, as they brave stormy elements to collect pairs of wet animals and bring them to safety in their Pathfinder
  • NEW! A&W Restaurants Promote New Sandwich With World's Longest Hashtag
    I'm fairly certain this hashtag is longer than 140 characters. A&W Restaurants added a large, new sandwich called the "Hand-bread Chicken Tender Texas Toast Sandwich" to its menu and is promoting the hefty sandwich with a hefty hashtag.
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