• NEW! Best Buy Rewards Twitter Followers With Tech, Kitchen Gifts
    Campaigns like this one for Best Buy make me rethink my stance of silence on Twitter. The company launched a social media campaign back in October encouraging its Twitter followers to tweet gifts they'd like for Christmas using the hashtag #HintingSeason. Best Buy combed through the collected tweets and chose six people around the U.S. to surprise with their wished-for gifts and then some. The first two videos are live. Tasha from Atlanta wanted a Vitamix and a Cuisinart. She excitedly unwrapped a Cuisinart, KitchenAid mixer, a Ninja blender and lots of …
  • NEW! Kmart 'Joes' Are Back This Holiday Season With 'Jingle Bellies'
    From ball shaking to belly shaking. Kmart's "average Joes" are back again this holiday season. Last year, the men made holiday music by shaking their junk; this year, the men have been eating heartily, giving men stomachs big enough to play Jingle Bells on.
  • GolfNow Launches Premium Version Of App
    Random iPhone App of the week:GolfNow, a tee-time reservation and golf course technology platform, created a standard and premium version of its mobile app. Both versions use location services and Google Places to personalize tee time bookings by allowing golfers to search for courses in the area, and at more than 5,000 courses worldwide. The advanced tee time search allows golfers to select a course and tee time based on location, price, time of day, and ratings based on GolfAdvisor.com reviews. The premium version of the app costs $29.99 a year and offers …
  • Regular Vodka Comes To Life As A Woman When Man Dumps It For VEEV Vodka
    VEEV, an Acai-berry-flavored vodka, is going after regular vodka brands with an amusing online video that portrays plain vodka as a spurned lover. A man returns home from a night out to find his woman sitting in the dark, waiting for him. The woman is old, Russian and peeling potatoes. Viewers quickly realize that this woman is the man's ordinary vodka come to life. And this vodka has been neglected and speaks to her man demanding to know who the other spirit is in his life. The woman asks if she's been distilled too …
  • NEW! Salt-N-Pepa Push It Real Good In Latest Geico Ad
    Salt-N-Pepa's iconic song, "Push It," takes on a more family-friendly meaning to illustrate to car owners that to save money, switching to Geico is just what you do. Just like it's a given that Salt-N-Pepa will tell women in a Lamaze class to push it.
  • NEW! Rob Lowe Has Wimpy Arms In Latest DirecTV Ad
    Don't make the garbage bag too heavy, because Rob Lowe is sporting some puny arms in the latest ad for DirecTV. And as a cable subscriber, scrawny-armed Rob Lowe is unable to watch his favorite sports and teams. Instead, he watches what's offered -- and the options aren't great.
  • NEW! Amy Poehler Continues To Delight In Latest Old Navy Ad
    Old Navy has launched another amusing spot starring Amy Poehler. This time around, Poehler plays a pretentious hostess at a trendy restaurant who derives pleasure from rejecting patrons who try to snag a table sans reservations.
  • NEW! Geico Launches Final 'Did You Know' Ad
    GEICO is done with ads running under its "Did You Know" umbrella. The final installment in the campaign involves a genie who takes wish requests a bit too literally. In addition to the spot, there's an online sitcom called "The Genie and Me" highlighting how living with a genie can be a real pain.
  • NEW! Skittles Rain On Trey Wingo For NFL Season Campaign
    This fake video shoot looks like real fun. As part of Skittles' effort to "Make Game Day Awesomer" during the NFL season, ESPN's Trey Wingo, a huge Skittles fan, was punked by good friend and NFL Live co-host Mark Schlereth. When the time was right, mounds and mounds of Skittles pelted Trey from above
  • NEW! Fitbit Launches First-Ever Ad Campaign
    I might be the only person not rocking a Fitbit nowadays. But after watching the brand's first-ever 60-second TV spot, that could change. The ad begins by following sporty men and women tracking typical running workouts. Things get extreme fast
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