• NEW! 100 Years In The Making, Boy Scouts Sell Milk Alongside Girl Scouts Selling Cookies
    An event that surprisingly didn't take place sooner, the Girl Scouts teamed up with the Boy Scouts to sell cookies and milk, in honor of National Girl Scouts Weekend. Goodby Silverstein & Partners created the event for its "got milk" client. The event was a success: Kids earned patches for their troops and no one got cooties. Matt Williams from Dean Foods donated single servings of Berkley Farms Milk, which were sold for $2 each, with all proceeds going to the Boy Scouts of America. See it here. Whenever people talk about #girlscoutcookies on Twitter, …
  • NEW! Boneshaker Beer Ad Pokes Fun At Typical Beer Cliches
    Amsterdam Brewery launched a fun campaign for its Boneshaker Unfiltered India Pale Ale that pokes fun at typical beer images and slogans. This beer can't be tied down to just one tagline. In the 60-second spot, each image comes with a unique tagline. "I believe in beericles," "Unfiltered. Just like you" and "The IPA Cometh" are just a few of the oddball slogans paired with quirky images of a sweaty beer bottle, a speaker filled with hops, and the brand logo: a skeleton riding a bike. Watch it here, created by Bensimon Byrne Media.
  • NEW! Strongbow Hard Cider Campaign Features Actor Patrick Stewart
    Strongbow Hard Cider announced Thursday the launch of its latest TV campaign starring actor Patrick Stewart. (See one of the ads here.)  The new campaign commercials showcase Strongbow’s range of flavors by poking fun at Stewart’s impressive acting range. Strongbow won big at the 2015 World Cider Championships, earning medals for each of its four flavors (two golds, two silvers). The brand’s relationship with Stewart is headed into its second year. The latest spots were created by Strongbow's ad agency Droga5.  
  • NEW! Hard Work Pays Off In Santa Margherita Wines Ad
    Santa Margherita Wines launched "For Who You Are," a TV spot that follows the life of a young woman and a bottle of wine from both of their births. From a hospital nursery to a newly-sprouted seedling, viewers follow the life of the young girl, as she navigates life and pursues her dream as an artist. Life isn't always easy for the woman; no word on how rough the grapes have it. Both reach maturity 20-something years later and cross paths as well. The woman's hard work and dedication has resulted in her first gallery showing …
  • Unbranded Chevy Malibu Mistaken For Luxury Car
    Take away the logos from a 2016 Chevy Malibu and consumers think it's a Lexus, Acura or BMW. A focus group is impressed with the luxury offerings of the mystery car and shocked to learn that not only is the car a -- gasp -- Chevy, but it's also reasonably priced, starting at $22,500, not the $80k range that some assumed. The 60-second ad is part of Chevrolet's "Real People, Not Actors" campaign. Much like one focus group member at the end of the ad, I'd take the house, too. See it here, created by …
  • 'How Boston Gets Engaged' Comes With A Twist
    Kids these days. Long's Jewelers in Boston launched an online video as part of its "How Boston Gets Engaged" campaign. An adorable couple are walking to lunch when the woman stops for a selfie. At least it looked like a selfie. In reality, the woman just stopped to admire her gorgeous new engagement ring in just the right amount of sunlight. As her fiance grabs her to go, a voiceover says: "Don't worry. She'll look at you again. Eventually." Watch it here, created by Forge Worldwide.
  • Farmers Insurance Campaign Highlights Wacky, But True, Customer Claims
    Farmers Insurance launched a delightful campaign highlighting the strange but true claims the company has received through the years. The company held a nationwide campaign asking for wacky insurance claims, and the more than 200 entries became the basis of a series of TV ads and Hall of Claims website to house the wacky events. In a pair of TV ads, J.K. Simmons stars as Professor Nathaniel Burke leading folks through the Hall of Claims museum and telling stories of real-life craziness. In "Stag Pool Party," a swimming pool in Colorado was damaged when a …
  • ShowOne App Helps Musicians With Backing Tracks In Live Sets
    Random iPhone App of the week: Created by veteran music industry professionals Tony Fagenson and Jerry Fitzgerald, ShowOne is an app for working with backing tracks in live performances. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, ShowOne is a live music tool that is user-friendly for newbies but meaty enough to help professional musicians. With the help of ShowOne, musicians can avoid lugging expensive audio equipment to shows, or being stuck with tracks in the wrong key or tempo. Users also have the capability of editing song and set settings, such as tempo, pitch and voice …
  • NEW! Under Armour Launches 90-Second Tribute To US Women's Gymnastic Team
    Photoshop of horrors in SI's Swimsuit issue. Captain Obvious to run for President. Let's launch!
  • NEW! Captain Obvious To Run For President... Literally
    Captain Obvious, the brand ambassador for Hotels.com, announced his intentions of running for U.S. president by running across the country. A TV ad launched Monday where Captain Obvious threw his hat in the ring. "I've seen the other candidates, and I know I'm fit for the job," says the Captain, as he runs on a treadmill. "They don't seem very fit at all." See it here. Between now and November, Captain Obvious will be sharing his experiences via social media (@CaptainObvious and the hashtag #ObviousPresident), additional TV spots and a custom website. At
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