• USPS Launches "Delivering For America" Campaign
    An anthem film provides a glimpse of the journey a mail carrier takes on his rounds.
  • Madewell Campaign Features Culinary Heroes Lakshmi, El-Waylly, Porowski
    One shows Lakshmi recalling how she got her first pair of roller skates when she was in fourth grade. "It changed my life," she says.
  • Happy Valentine's Day, Dear (Prospective) Client
    This Valentine's Day, female-led independent creative agency Barker has taken a proactive step to reach out to 10 prospective clients.
  • Wow, That Was Fast(vertising)
    Last week Canadian comedian Dave Foley tweeted to Ryan Reynolds that he enjoys the ads that Reynolds and his agency Maximum Effort do for the Mint Mobile brand, also owned by Reynolds. Foley asked if he could be in an ad if he became a Mint customer. No sooner said than done—within 6 hours that same day Mint posted an unscripted Twitter ad starring Foley, apparently telling him to just go with it. Which he did. “It all happened really fast, there wasn’t time to write anything,” Foley notes in the ad. “I’ve only …
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