• Ad Council, Facebook Team Up For Snaps-Designed Drunk-Driving Campaign
    The Ad Council is introducing its first-ever story-driven chat experience on a mobile platform to raise awareness about the consequences of underage  drinking and driving. The “Ultimate Party Foul” chat story — hosted on Facebook Messenger and supported with donated media from Facebook — invites users to join a group chat with teen characters and actively participate in the story by responding to conversation prompts.  The user gets to know the characters as they plan and attend a party, with one ultimately driving home after drinking. The story concludes the next day, when the rest …
  • NYC Transit Rejects Beauty Brand Il-Makiage's Taglines
    Il-Makiage wasn't necessarily trying to be controversial for its U.S. relaunch, but several taglines in a new campaign were deemed too "provocative" for NYC's Metropolitan Transit Authority to be advertised in the city's subway system. Rejected messages included “If you see something say it to someone else,” “Don’t even think about manspreading,” and “It’s not the heatwave down there, it’s me." These messages — developed with agency Huge — were designed to speak directly to confident, successful women who are equal parts swagger and substance, with the overarching concept aimed at redefining high maintenance. "After all, there’s nothing 'high maintenance' about …
  • Roger That: W+K's 'Pilot Talk Wall' For Delta
    An eye-catching piece of street art gives participating passersby a chance to win a trip to any of the 132 destinations Delta flies to from New York.
  • PUR Asks 'What Are You Drinking?' In New Campaign
    The digital campaign includes a batch of videos appearing on YouTube that tell stories that highlight caretaker accountability.
  • Funny Lady Haddish Stars In New Groupon Ads
    Tiffany Haddish has been a Groupon fan for years. The "superuser" status means she is among the top 1% of all Groupon users.
  • Power Home Remodeling's High-Flying Phase 2 To Its #PhillyWantsLeBron Movement
    The effort is the latest in the company's campaign to get basketball great LeBron James to sign with the Philadelphia 76s.
  • Skyn Condom's 'Save Intimacy' Campaign
    Skyn Condom, part of LifeStyles Healthcare, has launched a new multinational digital and social campaign called “Save Intimacy.”  The campaign, created with Sid Lee Paris celebrates “technology that brings you together.” The video that anchors the campaign is set in a somewhat disturbing but not-so-distant future where technology has taken over human interactions. But there’s a happy ending.  The campaign is designed as a showcase for the brand’s use of technology to offer what it calls a “revolution in the bedroom--one designed to let users feel everything with their partner.”  According to the agency, technology is putting a damper …
  • Icon Campaign Tackles Bladder Leak Stigma
    The company has also launched the #threeinthree platform to provide people who experience bladder leaks with an opportunity to share their stories.
  • Busch Says Get Dad What He Really Wants: A Cold One
    Busch is out with a Father’s Day campaign that urges would be gift givers to scrap the ugly ties and get Dad what he really wants—a nice cold beer (or six).  The campaign is anchored by a video that focuses on the brand’s not-so-subtle efforts to help one Cherry Valley, NY dad get the word out about his dream Father’s Day gift wish.  Let’s just say a lot ooh signage was involved in helping the man—Joe Gray—provide a few hints.  Have a look at the video here.  
  • New Campaign Underscores Rights Of Undocumented Students
    The Leadership Conference Education Fund has launched a Spanish language radio advertising campaign in Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Arkansas, and New Mexico to remind listeners of civil rights protections that exist for undocumented students. The group notes that the U.S. Constitution guarantees all children in the United States have an equal right to attend public school regardless of immigration status. (That guarantee was affirmed by the Supreme Court’s Plyler v. Doe decision).   LCEF said the  campaign was created after “false and confusing congressional testimony from Education Secretary Betsy DeVos about the rights of immigrant children and schools’ …
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