• NEW! Golfers, Let Your Inner Pro Out On Mizuno's 'Play Famously' Site
    Mizuno USA launched additional content to its golf-themed website, Playfamously.com, which highlights the inner pro that lives inside every golfer. Last year the company gave average golfers the chance to "Play Famously" via a competition that rewarded 12 high handicappers with a contract to be a member of Mizuno’s Team JPX. Golfers had to submit a 500-word essay describing their passion for the game. Nearly 6,000 golfers entered the contest, and the first two golfers selected were revealed. The remaining winners will be announced, two a month, until July. In addition, …
  • NEW! Cow Poop, And Anne Heche, Promote EARTH University
    EARTH University, a nonprofit university based in Costa Rica that specializes in sustainable agricultural and natural resources, launched an online video to raise donations and awareness. The University offers underprivileged students in rural Latin America, Africa and the Caribbean ways to learn how to use the earth in a sustainable fashion. And that's where Anne Heche, and poop, comes in. The 90-second animated video is narrated by Heche, who tells the story of EARTH University graduate Susana Fallas and her "Load Of Crap." The video is animated entirely in sand and illustrates …
  • NEW! Captain Obvious States The Obvious In Hotels.com Campaign
    Hotels.com is the clear destination for booking a room. Or should I say it's an obvious choice?
  • Call For Entries For Olives Awards: 'Enter Me!'
    Sound Lounge and Mister:-|Face created an online video to announce the call for entries for the Olives Awards. The annual event produces creative work that was initially scrapped and never produced. This year, the awards are accepting dead radio scripts and video concepts by April 11. The Grand Prize winners in each category will win $2,000. The 1:45 video, "Enter Me," is tongue-in-cheek and features men and women saying things like "I want to be entered," "Can you enter me right now?" "What can be entered?" and "Will it hurt?"
  • Lady Luck Will Find You, Augmented-Reality Style
    Lady Luck found a series of visitors to Los Angeles entertainment complex L.A. Live. As part of the California Lottery's "Luck Will Find You" campaign for its million-dollar California Black Exclusive Scratchers tickets, Lady Luck was brought to life via augmented reality -- and she was ready to dance. Lady Luck appeared on an LED screen at L.A. Live, selecting random pedestrians from a crowd and dancing with them. The selected folks couldn't see Lady Luck unless they watched her onscreen. Those not watching the screen would think these people were just …
  • Hefty Makes Trash Day Look Sexy
    Hefty is bringing sexy back... to trash day.
  • Forget The Selfie: Momentage App Combines Photos & Videos To Tell Story
    Random iPhone App of the week: Sick of the selfie? Momentage is a photo-sharing app with a little more creativity and emotion. The app lets users create a "moment" to post on social networks. Rather than taking a quick selfie and posting it online, users of Momentage can combine photos, videos and SoundImages to create more of a storytelling experience. The app aims to connect creatives who share a passion for expressing themselves through pictures and videos. The app is available for free in the App Store. Download it here.
  • NEW! ANZ Bank Turns ATMs Into GAYTMs
    ANZ Bank is a proud partner of the 2014 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. The brand showed its support by giving ATMs in Sydney a makeover, transforming them from ATMs to GAYTMs. Withdrawing money has never been such a fun activity until now. The machines are bedazzled with rhinestones, denim, leather, fur and sequins. When users withdraw money, the screen might greet them with a handful of sayings, like "Hello gorgeous," "Cash out and proud" and "Happy Mardi Gras!" And each GAYTM dispenses rainbow-colored receipts. ANZ is also donating the ATM …
  • New! 'Got Milk' Tagline Scrapped, Replaced With 'Milk Life'
    Bank turns ATMs into GAYTMs. Bates Motel site keeps visitors in the dark. Let's launch!
  • NEW! 'Bates Motel's Dark Website Allows Users To Look Inside Using Smartphone Flashlight App
    If you're looking forward to the March 3 season premiere of A&E's "Bates Motel" as much as I am, check out this creepy interactive website while you wait. BatesMotel.com shows the inside of the motel, purchased by Norma Bates and her son Norman.
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