• With SmartyPants Vitamins, It's No Longer A Chore To Take Vitamins
    I expected this to be an ad for something sporty and athletic, not vitamins. SmartyPants Vitamins, an all-in-one gummy vitamin for kids and adults, has launched a unique TV campaign that illustrates that taking vitamins doesn't have to be a chore.
  • Nordstrom Sells 'Shoes That Move You'
    I love shoes, but not to this extent. Nordstrom has launched a pair of TV spots showcasing its wealth of different shoe styles that are more than just functional; they evoke emotions -- most likely, expensive emotions.
  • NEW! Sports Advertising Cliches Run Rampant In Latest Foot Locker Ad
    Santa ditches his sleigh to fly coach in an Expedia.com ad. Coach, the brand, teams up with the Peanuts gang.
  • NEW! Burger King Brings Yumbo Sandwich Back To Menu
    Following a 40-year hiatus, Burger King has brought back the YUMBO Hot Ham & Cheese Sandwich for a limited time. The sandwich features black forest ham, melted American cheese, lettuce and mayo on a toasted hoagie bun. Originally launched in 1968, the Yumbo was removed from the menu in 1974. To introduce the sandwich to a modern-day audience, Pitch turned back time in one Los Angeles-based Burger King, giving the fast food spot a '70s feel, from the outfits, paint colors, uniforms and payphone located outside. It was a trip for regular …
  • NEW! Emmitt Smith Signs Fan Tweets For XFINITY Sports' #SignMyTweet
    Given the digital age that we live in, things like autograph signings sound almost archaic. XFINITY Sports is keeping autograph signings current by placing a digital spin on the act. The brand enlisted NFL to participate in #SignMyTweet. From Nov. 23 to Nov. 24, fans could tweet @XFINITYSports using the hashtag #SignMyTweet for a chance to get their tweet signed by Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith. Then, during a live Twitter signing Nov 24, selected tweets were printed and hand-signed by Smith, and the autographed tweets were mailed to winners as a …
  • NEW! Nas Stars In Latest Ad For Hennessy
    Hennessy's latest brand campaign pays homage to the 20-year career of hip-hop artist and Hennessy brand ambassador, Nas. "The Ride" is a continuation of Hennessy's "Never stop. Never settle" campaign that asks consumers: "What's your Wild Rabbit?" Last year, the brand launched a campaign starring Sir Malcolm Campbell and the story of how his Wild Rabbit chase led to nine land-speed world records. The latest ad follows Nas as he chases his Wild Rabbit on a New York subway. Each time Nas moves into a new train car, viewers are transported to …
  • NEW! #SantaFliesCoach For A Good Cause This Holiday Season
    Expedia.com launched an emotional holiday video starring Santa Claus. Santa ditches the sleigh and opts for a different form of air travel: coach. In "Santa Flies Coach," viewers watch Santa navigate a bevy of airports worldwide. Not only do kids react with childlike glee when Santa waits in line, adults revert back to their childhood self when Santa strolls by. Over the course of a week, Santa traveled 19,602 miles in 49.7 hours. He went from the North Pole (via Anchorage) and flew through Honolulu, Tokyo, Dubai, Paris, Dublin, New York City, …
  • Sanuk Shoes Keep You Comfortable In Uncomfortable Situations
    Sanuk has launched a fall line of comfortable shoes. How comfortable? They keep one couple feeling relaxed and laid-back, even when their friends get into trouble.
  • Shaun The Sheep Launches New App, 'Sheep Stack'
    Random iPhone App of the week:Aardman Animations launched a new official Shaun the Sheep game called "Sheep Stack." Using a pair of pants, players must stack sheep on top of each other in an effort to reach a plate of doughnuts using as few sheep as possible. Players must overcome many challenges, like swinging see-saws, tumbling tires and whizzing water-wheels that try to tumble the sheep stack. There are 60 levels across two different environments. The app is available in the App Store and costs $2.99. Download it here.
  • First Comes Like In Zoosk Campaign
    Online dating company Zoosk has launched a TV and online campaign called "First Comes Like." A sweet 30-second TV ad illustrates that like comes before love and follows a couple who meet online, then meet up for coffee and make plans for an official date.
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