• NEW! A Gun Store With History Opens In New York City
    States United to Prevent Gun Violence launched a 3:30 video that shows what happens when a gun store opens in the middle of New York City. Not your typical place to find a gun store -- and hidden cameras captured reactions of first-time gun buyers looking to purchase weapons for protection. The unsuspecting customers are shown different types of handguns and the salesman sounds like he's ready to close a few deals, until he describes the history behind each gun available for purchase. Each gun model was used in a horrific mass …
  • Bathing Your Baby In Johnson's Gives Her #SoMuchMore
    Johnson's launched an adorable ad campaign starring a baby getting a bath. #SoMuchMore explains that the cute baby is getting more from the bath than just clean: studies show that multi-sensorial experiences aid in a baby's development. The global campaign aims to enhance rituals, including bath time, to stimulate baby's senses and provide parents an opportunity to nurture baby's ability to learn, think and grow. The ad, seen here, drives viewers to an updated Johnson's Baby website. BBDO created the campaign.
  • State Farm Debuts 'Disappearing Agents'
    State Farm agents have some interesting stories to tell. Sadly, they can never finish because they are always called off to help clients tackle claims in "Disappearing Agents." When clients are in the midst of a crisis, their State Farm agent disappears from wherever she is and reappears next to her client in need. All the customer needs to do is say: "Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there," and an agent goes from sitting in an office telling a story to vanishing without a trace. The agent eventually resurfaces with …
  • Speedo Creates Homage Video To Those Who Love The Water
    I love the water but my swimming skills need work. Anyone who loves the water will enjoy "Fueled by Water," a 2:30 brand video created by Speedo USA. Whether it's competitive swimmers and divers or kids learning how to swim, the water is a place for fun and record-breaking, even for those in their 90s. See it here. The brand also created 17 short videos starring water sports enthusiasts, including a body surfer who glides down walls of water, or friends who compete out in open water. Watch the videos …
  • NEW! Rick Astley Will Give Up Anything For Extra Data In Virgin Mobile Ad
    Keep your butt crack in your pants. Babies dance for the Honest Company. Let's launch!
  • NEW! Keep Your Butt Crack Under Wraps, Unless Being Screened For Colon Cancer
    March is Colon Cancer Awareness month and Meredith's Miracles Colon Cancer Foundation launched a guerilla marketing campaign that unleashed butt cracks throughout Chicago. Butt decals were placed on the backs of bar chairs, bus seats and barber shop chairs around the city, making it appear that a person was wearing low-waisted jeans that exposed too much butt crack. Coupled with that image was copy stating: "No one wants to see this. Except for your doctor." Yes. Colon cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer and the second leading cause of cancer death …
  • NEW! What Goes Better With Eggs Than A 'Side Of Kevin' Bacon
    The American Egg Board launched an online video starring Kevin Bacon spicing up a housewife's scrambled egg breakfast. Talk about the perfect spokesman. In the two-minute video, Bacon magically appears on a woman's counter. Not the edible kind, but the actor, sprawled on the kitchen island. He educates the woman on the nutritional benefits of eggs and his dislike of bacon puns. While the woman loves the smell of bacon in the morning, Bacon loves the smell of eggs. Bacon sniffs the eggs and the woman smells Bacon just as her unsuspecting …
  • NEW! Jabari Parker Makes Ad Debut In Gatorade's 'Building Jabari Parker'
    Recovering from a sports injury is hard work, even for professional athletes. Milwaukee Bucks player Jabari Parker makes his ad debut for Gatorade in "Building Jabari Parker," which follows his impressive basketball career.
  • NEW! The Honest Company Ad Stars Adorable Babies Dancing To 'All About That Bass'
    The Honest Company launched an adorable 30-second ad that combines babies wearing Honest Company diapers with Megan Trainor's hit song "All About That Bass." Voiced by Honest Company founder Jessica Alba, the ad informs moms that Honest Company diapers can be delivered to your house, are available in cutesy designs and are good for the environment.
  • XO Mints Crafts 'The Ugly Couple Song'
    This is so wrong. I missed this video when it launched in honor of Valentine's Day. XO Mints wrote "The Ugly Couple Song," implying that even on Valentine's Day, unattractive people have a shot at love and making something beautiful. Three men were uglied down to sing the song and show off their quirks: dancing at home, gap teeth, dandruff and a love of comic books. Despite these setbacks, each man has found a lovely partner in life. They all pop an XO Mint before meeting their ladies. See it here, …
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