• State Farm Debuts 'Best Of The Assist' Team
    State Farm launched an adorable extension to its "Born to Assist" campaign, which stars NBA star Chris Paul and his "twin" Cliff Paul, a State Farm agent. "Best of the Assist" forms a perfect team for the NBA: the National Bureau of Assists. The team stars Cliff Paul, along with the twins of All Star point guards Stephen Curry, Sue Bird, Damian Lillard, and all-time NBA assist leader John Stockton. This team is talented off-court, helping consumers with claims ranging from outrageous to relatively normal. See it here. An accompanying ad, …
  • Video Follows The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile On Cross-Country Travels
    Best job ever? Oscar Mayer launched a branded video that tracks the awesome Wienermobile as it travels the country, bringing excitement -- and hopefully, hot dogs -- to those who cross its path. The "Hotdoggers," those who travel and get to drive the Wienermobile, sometimes look as if they're having more fun than people encountering the ride. The Wienermbile even has a prominent place on Oscar Mayer's revamped website. Watch the video here and visit the website here. McGarryBowen created the video and 360i created the site.
  • XO Mints Crafts 'The Ugly Couple Song'
    This is so wrong. I missed this video when it launched in honor of Valentine's Day. XO Mints wrote "The Ugly Couple Song," implying that even on Valentine's Day, unattractive people have a shot at love and making something beautiful. Three men were uglied down to sing the song and show off their quirks: dancing at home, gap teeth, dandruff and a love of comic books. Despite these setbacks, each man has found a lovely partner in life. They all pop an XO Mint before meeting their ladies. See it here, …
  • NEW! Free-Range Chicken Roams Country, Taunts Farmers With Selfies, In Latest Geico Ad
    A song for ugly people. Ving Rhames is the face of ADT. Let's launch!
  • NEW! ADT Campaign Stars Ving Rhames As Bold Face Of Brand
    ADT has launched a trio of TV ads starring Ving Rhames as the big, bold face of the brand. In the first ad, ADT helps homeowners keep their house looking occupied, even when families are away. The next ad shows Rhames standing guard outside a house in pouring rain, snow and the dead of night, when two burglars attempt a robbery. The final ad shows Rhames in the back of a van with fellow ADT employees as they protect an important commodity: waffles.
  • NEW! Only Your Vegas Secrets Are Safe
    Everyone has a secret or two that can easily be learned -- but your behavior in Las Vegas will remain under wraps. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority launched "The Secret," a 1:45 video where a man is stalked by someone who keeps calling and harassing him with the taunt that they know his secret. The guy can't even eat at a diner, for his bill states: "I know what you did." The ad ends with the man getting into his car, only to find someone waiting for him in …
  • NEW! Captain Obvious Returns In Latest Hotels.com Campaign
    Hotels.com launched a 30-second spot, along with a series of 15-second vignettes, as part of its "The Obvious Choice" campaign. Captain Obvious returns as the annoying spokesman who tells it like it is, no matter how... obvious. The 30-second ad, "Can't Hide," is a funny spot that shows a business traveler locking himself out of his hotel room wearing nothing but his underwear. Captain Obvious appears and tells the man how easy it is to book a new hotel using the Hotels.com app. The man insists he doesn't need a new hotel …
  • NEW! Delta Air Lines Shows The Lonely Life Of The Business Traveler In 'On The Road'
    Delta Air Lines has launched "On the Road," a 60-second spot that follows the life of a frequent business traveler. The man is awake in the middle of the night as he adjusts to a time change, he goes from hotel to hotel, meeting to meeting, but makes sure he carves out some Skype time with his family.
  • 7up Wraps Double-Decker Bus In Yarn For Global Campaign
    7up launched a global brand campaign that celebrates quirky, original, everyday people, a nod to the way the brand characterizes itself. "Feels Good To Be You" kicked off with lots of yarn -- 20 suitcases, to be exact. Urban knitter Magda Sayeg traveled to London and Chile to decorate a double-decker bus and park with colorful knitted creations. In a 30-second TV spot, Sayeg brings color and life to a forgotten square in Santiago, Chile, decorating trees, bicycles, benches, a tire and fountain with her handiwork. "Do what you do," closes the …
  • National Geographic Channels Promotes Programming With Rube Goldberg Device
    Who doesn't love a good Rube Goldberg contraption? To promote its "Entertain Your Brain" science-minded programming block, National Geographic Channels International created a spot featuring a Rube-Goldberg-inspired, four-ton contraption with 38 triggers and 71 moving pieces.
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