• NEW! Motley Crue's 'Home Sweet Home' Illustrates Why #HomeRocks In Coldwell Banker Ad
    For the second year in a row, Coldwell Banker is launching an ad campaign during awards show season. "Home Sweet Home" launches during the GRAMMY Awards on Jan. 26. If you're like me and tend to think of the Mötley Crüe song that shares a name with Coldwell Banker's ad, then you're in luck; the rock ballad is used throughout the ad, which betters explains why a real estate company is buying air time during the GRAMMYs. The ad is simple, but effectively tells a story that …
  • Shatner Scales Tall Building As Overprotective Dad in Latest Priceline.com Ad
    Just because a potential suitor uses Priceline.com to book a room doesn't mean Dad is going to approve. Kaley Cuoco and her date learn this the hard way in "Negotiator Rises."
  • Copper Mountain Launches Sherpa, App To Aid Skiers
    Random iPhone App of the week: For those who love winter, being out in the cold and skiing, Copper Mountain's mobile app might be a perfect fit. Dubbed Sherpa, the hands-free app offers skiers insider mountain information by using the GPS function on their phone. The app encourages users to wear headphones as they listen to Sherpa tell them about secret mountain trails or simply says they're entering an area best suited for expert skiers and snowboarders. The app also offers terrain updates, like which sides of the trails have fresh snow …
  • Nissan Wants New Yorkers To Say #HailYes To Revamped Taxis
    Nissan has launched its NV200 taxi in New York City, along with an ad campaign encouraging New Yorkers to say #HailYes to the revamped taxi. It's hard not to like a taxi that comes with more leg room, sky views of the city, air conditioning  passengers can control, sliding doors and USB outlets to charge tech devices. Online videos feature two NV200 spokesmen showcasing the futuristic taxi to skeptical New Yorkers. In the first video, the pair invite passersby to test the new taxi by …
  • Everything Is Connected In Cisco's 'Circle Story'
    Everything is eerily connected in "Circle Story," a TV ad for Cisco. The ad begins and ends with a family cat, and in between illustrates what the future will hold for both people and objects over the next decade.
  • Artists And Engineers 'Join Together' To Create Sony Electronics Products
    A 90-second spot, "Join Together," launched during the Golden Globes, pays tribute to the folks who create Sony Electronics products -- both now and back in the day. The campaign also includes a brand experience site (Sony.com/bemoved) where fans can share memories of their favorite Sony products.
  • NEW! The .GIFYS Celebrates The Internet's Best GIFs
    Everything is connected. Evil snowmen hijack a city. Let's launch!
  • NEW! 'Small Mistakes' Cause Giant Heartbreak In PSA For New Zealand Transport Agency
    "Small Mistakes" yield large consequences in a PSA for The New Zealand Transport Agency. Two cars, one speeding down an open road and another readying to turn right onto that road, are about to collide with one another when time stops. The thoughts that are undoubtedly playing out in each man's head are verbalized as both men exit their cars and discuss their predicament. The man making a turn thought he had enough time and expresses concern about the safety of his son, seated in the backseat. The …
  • NEW! Macklemore and Ryan Lewis 'Surprise' Riders, Perform On New York City Bus
    I'm not sure I would label this a surprise, but Macklemore and Ryan Lewis did board a New York bus and perform their hit "Can't Hold Us" to promote the pair's announcement that they will perform live at the Grammys on Jan. 26. The bus riders start the ride looking at the Grammy-nominated duo with skepticism, but warm up quickly, getting out of their seats to jump and dance. The whole stunt looks fun, but it's the "surprise" part I don't buy. The bus seemed to get really full throughout the video, …
  • NEW! A Little Less Conversation Needed In Nokia Lumia 1520 Ad
    A picture is worth a thousand words and I wish the TV ad for the Nokia Lumia 1520 spent less time talking and more time highlighting the phone's strengths, like taking high res, camera-quality pictures. A couple return from an exotic "Safari" and their friends are eager to hear all the details. What kinds of animals did the couple see? Rather than whip out their camera to stream the pictures, the pair struggles to find any words to describe their once in a lifetime getaway. Not until the tail end of the ad does …
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