• NEW! Evil Snowmen Are No Match For The Nissan Rogue
    This must have been one fun ad to shoot. Nissan Rogue launched a TV spot in Canada called "Winter Warrior" featuring a bevy of evil snowmen that take a city hostage. The typically adorable snowmen are angry and violent, destroying snowblowers, busting fire hydrants, and leaving one family stranded in their car.
  • World War II Memorial App Gives Users A Self-Guided Tour Back In History
    Random iPhone App of the weekTeam Carousel30 created the World War II Memorial app, ideal for tourists visiting the National Mall in Washington, D.C.  The app provides details on the history of World War II and insights on the meaning behind many aspects of the Memorial. Users can take a self-guided tour, participate in a scavenger hunt, view an infographic about the Memorial, read stories about those who served and see a historical timeline of the conflict. The app is available …
  • Derrick Coleman Stars In Latest Inspiring Duracell Video, 'Trust Your Power'
    Another inspiring football-themed TV spot launched this week, starring Derrick Coleman of the Seattle Seahawks. Deaf since he was three, Coleman had his share of rough times growing up, especially when it came to playing football. He was picked on, picked last for sports and not chosen at all in the 2012 NFL draft. Determined to make it to the NFL, Coleman worked hard and is now a member of the Seattle Seahawks, listening to every fan cheer him on. This is the latest of Duracell's  "Trust Your Power" videos. Watch it here, created by Saatchi & Saatchi …
  • Carl's Jr. Appreciates Great Buns
    Carl's Jr. launched a pair of TV spots promoting buns -- hot, freshly baked in-store, hamburger buns. But rest assured, it didn't stop the brand from placing women's backsides on center stage, either.
  • Gatorade Silences Manning Critics With '51 And Counting'
    Gatorade launched a TV spot dedicated to Manning's accomplishment that shows snippets of his 51 touchdown passes so they appear as one single throw. The accompanying voiceover copy sums up Manning's challenges over the past few years.
  • NEW! M&M'S Star In Faux Movie Trailer To Diffuse Cell Phone Use At The Movies
    P&G pays tribute to moms of Olympic athletes. "Trust your power," encourages Duracell. Let's launch!
  • NEW! Lines Between Reality And Gaming Blurred In Video For Xbox One
    There's a blurred line between gaming and reality in an online spot for Xbox One. "Lost" features a man who's unsure of what he sees in the mirror. One moment he sees his usual self and the next he's sporting a gash on his head, a rip in his shirt or a cut on his hand. This break in reality reminded me of the movie "Black Swan." The man leaves his bathroom, returning to the living room, where he resumes playing the game "Ryse: Son of Rome." "If it was any more real, …
  • NEW! ESPN's World Cup Ad Full Of Memorable Moments From Past World Cups
    Not only is it an Olympics year, it’s also a World Cup one. The 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil takes place from June 12- July 13 and ESPN, the U.S. English rights holder for the event, launched a 1:45 online video that takes soccer fans on a stroll down memory lane, highlighting some of the World Cup’s most memorable moments. Interspersed with the shots of Brazilian culture and kids playing soccer in the streets, beaches and soccer fields are pictures of Pele celebrating a win in 1970; Paolo Rossi hoisting the cup …
  • NEW! Sonic Launches Exercise Videos To Promote New Line Of Breakfast Foods
    SONIC Drive-Ins launched an online video that combines exercising with the company’s new line of breakfast burritos. “Train Your Buds” stars T.J. Jagodowski of Two Guys fame taking on an additional role of fitness instructor, illustrating how customers can exercise with their breakfast food in tow. Who doesn’t want to get in shape at the start of a new year? The video takes place in a Sonic parking lot, where T.J. is accompanied by two women, clad in Jane Fonda-era workout attire and ready to exercise. The trio refers to squats as …
  • NEW! P&G Scores With Emotional Ad Thanking Moms Of Olympians
    The latest Olympic-themed video from the Procter & Gamble "Thank you, Mom" campaign is two minutes long, and best to watch with tissues nearby. Called "Pick Them Back Up," it tells the story of four moms of athletes with big dreams of making it as professional hockey players, snowboarders, figure skaters and skiers. From the time these kids are babies learning to walk to adolescents, when excelling in competitive sports become an uphill climb, their mothers pick them back up and offer the emotional support needed to make their dreams a …
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