• La Colombe Launches Redesigned Site
    La Colombe cafes are few and far between, but fans of the coffee can now purchase Draft Lattes in cans. To support the launch, O3 World created a landing page where visitors used their mouse to wipe away frost and reveal cans of Draft Latte (frothed milk and cold-pressed espresso). On launch day alone, more than 10,000 cans were purchased. Additional flavors like Pure Black + White, Draft Mocha and Almond Milk Draft Latte will soon be available in cans. Anyone else ready for a caffeine break?
  • Talking Objects Promote Lowe's 'Make Your Home Happy' Campaign
    Now is the time to get your yard looking spiffy, and Lowe's wants to help. A social media campaign, "Make Your Home Happy," brings inanimate decorations to life -- who hasn't imagined their garden gnome starting to talk -- to promote ways Lowe's can turn house goals into realities. A garden unicorn gets leg cramps eyeing his owner's lawn, since the man signed up for Lowe's lawn care program. A giraffe magnet loves the new family fridge, and the not-so-subliminal messages spelled out with magnets. A garden flamingo is surrounded by beautiful …
  • Under Armour Gives Away Products To Athletes With Best #RuleYourself Story
    Under Armour has been gifting gear and accessories to its athletic social media followers who share their inspirational stories using the #RuleYourself hashtag on Twitter or Instagram. Users who share the rules that keep them motivated and pushing toward their goals are considered for daily awards from UA. The brand plans to give away more than 1,000 items during the length of the campaign. Look for Under Armour athletes like Michael Phelps, Stephen Curry, Carey Price and Jordan Spieth to share their rules.
  • TRN Launches On-Demand Fitness App
    Random iPhone App of the week: Finding the time and motivation to work out is half the battle. TRN is an on-demand fitness app, available to residents of New York City and Miami. Once users create a profile, they specify where they would like to work out (home, gym, outdoors) and what they would like to do. They can then browse through trainers specializing in their interests and book a meeting time with only a few hours notice. Trainers keep a log of your workout to monitor help you reach goals. Presently, the app
  • NEW! Sonic Launches Social Media Campaign, #AmazeYourMouth
    Father's Day gift ideas. Organic seed with a dirty mouth. Let's launch!
  • NEW! Felt App Lets Kids Send Dads Gift Cards With Quirky Messages
    If you're a fan of "Shark Tank," chances are you saw the pitch for Felt, a free app that lets people create and mail handwritten cards, for a cost of $3, from their iPhones and iPads. The company launched a quirky Father's Day campaign called The Dad Gift Collection, which pairs handwritten cards with gift cards containing unexpected copy. "If I bribe you with this, will you please not vote for Trump?" begs an Applebee's gift card. "I love you enough to tell you that Costco is not a pants store," says a Macy's …
  • NEW! Dad Suffers Through 'Tween Pop' For His Daughter In Samsung S7 Ad
    Dads do some crazy things if it means making their child happy. One father endures hours of a "Tween Pop" concert when his daughter is under the weather. The ad for Samsung is the first spot to showcase a few Galaxy S7 devices including the S7 Edge, Gear 360 camera and Gear VR headset. Dad arrives at the venue, takes a deep breath, and plunges into his version of hell: a group of hormonal teen girls losing it over real-life boy band After Romeo. While the girls dance, dad remains still, holding his Gear 360 …
  • NEW! Trusting A Used Car Salesman Is Tough, According To Subway
    No matter how delicious Subway's chicken sans antibiotics may be, a used car salesman has a hard time convincing his colleague to give it a spin. The two co-workers go back and forth until one asks what it will take to sway his co-worker to try the sandwich. Potato chips is the counteroffer. The sandwich lover runs to his manager's office for approval. What will his commission be? Check out "Car Salesman" here, created by BBDO New York.
  • NEW! Animated Short From Seed Matters To World: 'Our Food System Is F*cked'
    Seed Matters, an initiative from the Clif Bar Family Foundation, launched "Mr. Seed," an animated short that doesn't beat around the bush. It tells viewers that "our food system is f*cked, but we can fix it." In the almost 5-minute video, we meet a dirty-mouthed organic seed, voiced by Pete Holmes, who takes on the messaging from large agrichemical companies that they are the only options when it comes to feeding the world. Mr. Seed, on the other hand, emphasizes the benefits of organic seed compared with chemically dependent alternatives. When it comes to …
  • Amnesty International UK Launches Virtual Reality Campaign, #360Syria
    "Fear of the Sky," a virtual reality campaign created by Project: WorldWide and Junior for Amnesty International UK, is tough to watch. The site shows the horrible destruction caused by barrel bombs dropped on the city of Aleppo.  "Fear of the Sky" uses 360-degree photography, narration and videos gathered by Amnesty-trained Syrian media activists to bring attention to the casualties in this war-torn region. A school playground in the residential neighborhood of Ansari Sharqi and a vegetable market in Aleppo's Bustan al-Qasr district are among the scenes featured.
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