• Chevrolet, Disney Team For Road Trip Campaign
    Chevrolet is promoting the All-Electric Bolt EUV, out in 2022, with a road trip-themed campaign. The destination: Disney World.The campaign follows four diverse groups of families and friends road-tripping across America to Disney World, interspersed with interactions with iconic characters, such as Tinker Bell, the Dumbos from the Dumbo ride at the park, and the X-Wing and Millennium Falcon from “Star Wars.” This creative leverages agency partner MOCEAN’s 30+ year relationship with Disney to access these recognizable figures.
  • Pella Invites Guests To Weather 'Stormy Heights'
    Pella showcases windows and door designs by introducing a fictional community that endures constant tumultuous weather conditions.
  • Sugar Ray Leonard 'Gets Up' For State Street
    Sugar Ray Leonard is dispensing inspirational words of wisdom to promote State Street Global Advisors and its investment guidance.
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