• NEW! Honest Kitchen Wants Pets, And Their Owners, To Confess
    Pet food company The Honest Kitchen launched a social media campaign looking for the year's "most honest pets." Pet owners are encouraged to snap a picture of their beloved dog or cat engaging in an unbecoming act with copy written as the pets' inner thoughts. Led by an in-store and online sampling program, this campaign gives pet owners a chance to have their pet featured in The Honest Kitchen's 2016 Pet Calendar and win a weekend trip with their pet. More than 600 retail stores are participating in the program. Participants can also enter …
  • NEW! PGA TOUR Stars Promote Website By Singing Classic Lionel Richie Tune
    Don't quit your day job, PGA TOUR players. To promote the PGATourLive.com website, Sergio Garcia, Patrick Reed, Ben Crane, James Hahn and Keegan Bradley multitask by playing golf and singing the lyrics to Lionel Richie's classic song, "Hello." The site allows golf fans to watch their favorite players live every Thursday and Friday. See the tone-deaf players sing here, on a site created by GSD&M.
  • NEW! Time For Old Spice Wearers To Make A Smellmitment. #TeamMustafa
    The second ad in Old Spice's "Make A Smellmitment" campaign is a 15-second spot that might make you lose your sanity. "Interruption" stars Isaiah Mustafa and Terry Crews vying for your attention span and Old Spice scent. Mustafa's Swagger and Crews' Bearglove are your options. My vote goes to Mustafa because he's calm, collected and not screaming in my face. Your move, Crews. See the ad here, created by Wieden+Kennedy Portland.
  • Sickweather Launches Revamped App
    Random iPhone App of the week: Sickweather, a Baltimore-based company that tracks illness trends in real time, launched Sickweather Health API, created to power third-party apps and services with community-driven illness data. The first app to use the Sickweather Health API is McNeil Consumer Healthcare's HEALTHYDAY, an app designed to take the guesswork out of managing cold, flu and allergy symptoms. Sickness never takes a vacation. Both apps are free and available in the App Store. Download the HEALTHYDAY app here and the Sickweather app here.
  • Choice Hotels Launches Rebranding Campaign
    Choice Hotels International launched a rebranding campaign stressing the importance of connecting with friends and family in person. A debut 60-second spot uses The Clash's "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" as a theme for travelers unsure about taking that trip to a high school reunion, playing a gig out of state, taking a business meeting in person or helping a relative recoup from surgery. Each person ponders the pros and cons, but inevitably chooses to travel and stay at a Choice Hotels. See it here. The company also revamped ChoiceHotels.com …
  • PFLAG Canada Launches Moving Video, 'Nobody's Memories'
    PFLAG Canada, an organization devoted to LGBT Canadians, launched "Nobody's Memories," a moving video about marriage equality. The 60-second video begins with what looks like old-school film footage of same-sex couples getting married. There's joy and happiness everywhere. But, as the voiceover states, the happy weddings never took place, so these memories belong to no one. "For all the memories that never happened -- let's make marriage legal for everyone, everywhere," closes the video, seen here. Viewers can find additional campaign information at LoveMadeLegal.com, where visitors can sign a petition to legalize …
  • Put Down The Tech Devices And Pop Some JOLLY TIME With Friends
    I have a love/hate relationship with brand campaigns telling the world to drop their mobile devices and focus on the friends and family in front of them. Campaigns like this shouldn't have to exist. The fact that we need to be reminded and encouraged to leave technology at the door is sad. But popcorn is happy. And JOLLY TIME Pop Corn wants families to "Unplug. Pop. Connect." The campaign launched on social media, encouraging popcorn lovers to relax, talk to one another and have some technology-free bonding time. The brand …
  • NEW! Burger King Brazil Debuts New Burger By Tattooing Diehard McDonald's Fans
    Are sleepies the new selfies? Test drive a VW with your voice. Let's launch!
  • NEW! Skinny Cow Wants Employees To Post Sleepies, AKA Napping At Their Desks
    I can't imagine anything going wrong when the boss sees a picture of an employee or two napping at their desk, can you? Skinny Cow is encouraging workers to put their computers and themselves to sleep -- and afterwards perk up with a Skinny Cow Creamy Iced Coffee -- in an effort to increase employee productivity. The #SkinnyCowCoffeeNap campaign launched this week on Skinny Cow's social media sites with pictures of employees napping at their desk with a Skinny Cow drink close by. "It's the latest productivity trend that's also delicious," reads one …
  • NEW! Volkswagen Fans Virtually Test-Drive Golf R With Custom Sound Effects
    A campaign to bring out the kid in all of us. "Unleash Your Rrrr" is a site that allows Volkswagen fans to drive a virtual Golf R using only the sound of their voice. Imagine playing cars as a kid and making the vroom noises  when taking a hard corner or flipping over. Deep Learning, an artificial intelligence subset of Machine Learning developed by Deutsch LA, analyzes each user's different take on the Golf R engine's roar. It then creates a custom video of the Golf R cruising through a race track, with …
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