• Aardman Creates Shaun The Sheep's Puzzle Putt App
    Random mobile app of the week:Aardman Digital launched the latest Shaun the Sheep game, which will be a hole-in-one for golf fans. The popular BBC children's TV character needs help conquering Puzzle Putt, a golf game to the extreme. Puzzle Putt consists of 72 levels across eight courses. Good luck scoring a hole-in-one with bouncy pumpkins, catapulting mole holes and bushels of hay placed throughout. Players can also create their own customized golf courses from scratch and challenge friends to best them. Download the $1.49 app from the App Store or
  • MasterPass Allows For More Dancing And Less Typing
    Like "Saturday Night Live" star Kate McKinnon, I would rather be dipped by a studly Spanish dancer than fill in online shopping forms. In a 30-second spot for MasterPass from MasterCard, McKinnon stands inside a giant online shopping form, lamenting that she would rather be buying a dress than typing her address. With MasterPass, she has fewer forms to fill in, leaving her more time to wear her new dress, in which she's dancing with a handsome Spanish dancer who loves to dip his partners. Watch it here, created by McCann XBC.
  • Hockey Player Performs Trick Shots To Promote Hockey Stick
    My first thought was "How'd he do that?" Chicago Blackhawks player Jonathan Toews gets paid big bucks for his impressive wrist/eye coordination. The hockey player stars in a 50-second stunt video that promotes Bauer's new Nexus 1N hockey stick. Toews places a water bottle on top of a hockey net and takes two impressive shots within seconds of one another. The first shot hits the net and sends the water bottle flying, while the second hits the airborne water bottle, sending it into the protective glass. And he does this more than once! I'm …
  • NEW! Santa's Secret Delivery Skills Revealed In FedEx Ad
    NiceBot makes Twitter a kind platform. Nissan Leaf aims to "Electrify The World." Let's launch!
  • NEW! Nissan Leaf Hopes To 'Electrify The World'
    Nissan Leaf launched a 60-second brand campaign to "Electrify The World." The ad positions the Leaf, along with its designers and engineers, as light-years ahead of the competition. The voiceover throughout the ad describes the difference between a talker and a doer. "Talkers talk. Doers do things that get talked about," says the v.o. as viewers watch a creative, risk-taking man who basejumps off buildings for fun. He has a grander plan in the works, and his visionary attitude is shown as similar to Nissan Leaf owners'. Once a fleet of white Nissan Leafs …
  • NEW! Crown Royal Recreates 1939 Moment When King And Queen Of England Receive Bottle Of 'The One'
    Paying tribute to its roots, Crown Royal launched a 90-second spot that recreates a special moment in time for the Canadian whisky. In 1939, Britain's King George VI and Queen Elizabeth arrived in Canada and were presented with the whisky, created in their honor, in its signature purple bag. "The One" begins with a team of Canadians being informed of the King and Queen's upcoming arrival. Rome wasn't built in a day and Crown Royal went through countless versions until the perfect batch was crafted, not to mention the ideal bottle design and signature …
  • NEW! The Nicebot Aims To Combat Cyberbullying By Sending A Positive Tweet To Every Twitter User
    Spreading positivity one tweet at a time. Champions Against Bullying is hoping to combat cyberbullying with The NiceBot. The goal is to send one positive tweet to every Twitter user, all 200 million, every 36 seconds. This may take some time, but The NiceBot is up for the challenge. Using a specially designed API, the NiceBot is programmed to pair a random nice message with a random Twitter user's handle. It sends a single message out as an @ reply, and then moves on to the next user on its list. Follow The NiceBot …
  • NEW! On World Kindness Day, Spot A Kind Act And Give A KIND Snack
    World Kindness Day is Nov. 13, and KIND snacks wants to reward those who do a good deed with a KIND snack bar. It's a multistep process: First, you need to witness a good deed -- hopefully by someone you know, since the next step is to visit a custom KIND site to send the nice person a #kindawesome card that is redeemable for a free KIND snack. The person that did a good deed will also receive a new digital #kindawesome card to pay it forward and reward someone else. It doesn't …
  • Los Angeles Coalition for Water Conservation Launches TV Spots On Extreme Ways Of Wasting Water
    The Los Angeles Coalition for Water Conservation launched a pair of ads that shed some humor on a serious situation: the drought situation in LA. The organization was founded by McGann | Zhang, the agency behind the debut ads. In "The Actress," a diva hires a landscaping crew to water her rock garden and stone wall. And she wants the work done for free in exchange for a few autographed headshots. See it here. An aging rock star who surrounds himself with scantily clad younger women insists that his pool be emptied and …
  • Cole Haan App Lets Users Make Purchases On Pinterest, Instagram
    Random iPhone App of the week:Cole Haan has updated its app so users can make purchases on Pinterest with live buyable pins and a shoppable Instagram feed via the app. Customers can shop any product featured in the @ColeHaan Instagram feed from the Cole Haan app. For those who do not have this app, the brand is creating social integrations, beginning with Pinterest, that bring product purchase ability to apps already on a user's phone. The app is available for free in the App Store. Download it here.
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